Name That Viper Variant - Round Two

The world may have said farewell to the Dodge Viper late last week, but we've chosen to celebrate 19 years of production, not mourn it.

Think you know your snake history? We've rounded up a crop of Vipers, Viper variants, or Viper-powered vehicles for this week's guessing game. Think you know what's featured in the photo above? Send us your best guess in the comments section below.

Did You Surmise Yesterday's Snake?

Several of you, including joeintexas and thehummel, correctly guessed the Dodge Tomahawk concept. The insane, V-10-powered, four-wheel motorcycle debuted at the 2003 Detroit auto show, where it was driven on stage by then-DaimlerChrysler COO Wolfgang Bernhard.

Bernhard was proud of his baby, suggesting a production run of 100 or so Tomahawks wasn't completely unfeasible. His prediction was half-true -- nine replicas were sold through Neiman Marcus' Christmas catalog at a cost of $550,000 a pop, although none can legally be operated on public roads.

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