Name That Pebble Beach Car: Round Four

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Each year, the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance gathers some of the world's most beautiful automobiles and places them atop one of the world's most scenic locales: Monterey, California. Although the event occurred almost two weekends ago, we managed to snap several photos we think are more than worthy of our weekly trivia challenge.

Think you can identify the mystery Pebble Beach car above? If that curve looks familiar or that beaten aluminum panel triggers a flashback, send us your guess via the comments section below.

Did You ID Yesterday's Polished Pebble?

Once again we seemed to have stumped our readers. Yesterday’s teaser photo was the interior of a 1956 Ferrari 250 GTZ.

Ferrari’s 250 GT is a beautiful and well known car. The GTZ however, is a much rarer sight as it was born from the relationship between Ferrari and famous design firm Zagato. Ferrari’s 250 GT was already a proven car by this time, and Zagato looked to enhance its looks and aerodynamics to further the car’s success.

Penned by Zagato founder Ugo Zagato himself, the 250 GTZ was a marriage of Zagato’s aircraft experience and Ferrari’s racing experience. Zagato used techniques he learned in the aircraft industry when designing and building the body for the 250 GTZ. He designed it to be lightweight and aerodynamic for racing duty.

Zagato’s techniques worked, and rather well too. Although each car varied slightly depending on a customer’s specific desires, each body was so well designed that two different models won Italian road racing championships. Both examples were driven by ex-Italian fighter pilot Camillo Luglio. He also claimed second in the 1958 Mille Miglia in a 250 GTZ.

In total, the Zagato-Ferrari marriage bore just ten examples of the 250 GTZ, each individually tailored to customer specifications. This makes the car one of the rarest, and in our opinion, one of the most beautiful Ferraris of all time.

-Andrew Peterson

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