Name That Lotus: Round Five

August 13, 2010
In honor of Lotus unwrapping its new Type 125 over the weekend, we've decided to hit the company's archives and quiz your knowledge on the many awesome automobiles that bore Colin Anthony Bruce Chapman's initials and surname.
Think you know all vehicles that hailed from Hethel? Send us your best guess about the car shown above by means of the comments section below.
Did You Name Yesterday's Lotus?
Several readers remarked that our mystery machine was vaguely familiar. We can sympathize -- we focused in on the side of the 1972 Esprit concept -- the car that led to the birth of the production model in 1976.
Although both cars look remarkably similar, the concept does differ in a few notable areas -- from this shot, it's apparent that the upper half of the rear body swung upwards to expose the engine; production cars made do with fixed buttresses and a lift-up hatch and decklid. A thick rubrail appeared on the production Esprit's beltline, helping disguise where the two sections of the molded fiberglass body converged. Other changes, largely to comply with legalizing the show car, mildly tweaked the Esprit's bumpers, nose, and lighting, although the wedge-like front spoiler was aimed at curtailing high-speed lift.


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