Name Game: Chevy to Name New Car, NASCAR Race Car for 2013

The time is almost up for the present-generation Chevrolet Impala NASCAR Sprint Cup car, but as one good thing comes to an end, another begins. The automaker has just announced it will unveil a new, yet-to-be named race car to compete in the 2013 Sprint Cup series sometime this year based on a new production car of the same name.

While Chevy isn't saying too much about the new Cup car, it did offer a few clues. For those that might've guessed it would be named for the new 2013 Malibu so it could compete with the Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry, both Sprint Cup entries, think again. Chevy says the new racer will be based on a new nameplate to the brand's lineup. The Bow-tie brand also said it will be able to display more of its brand identity in the race car per the new NASCAR rules, and that it will closely resemble the production version. Chevrolet says both cars will be unveiled later this year.

Until then, the race car will be kept under wraps as it continues testing, and for ansty fans who don't like to wait, Chevy says this car will definitely be worth it. “We know that Chevrolet fans are eager to see the new race car and we hope that the prospect of being able to own one just like it will make the wait a little more bearable,” said Jim Campbell, vice president, Chevrolet Performance Vehicles and Motorsports.

Best guess at this point is that Chevy will re-name the next-generation Impala, which has been spied testing recently and whose introduction looks to roughly coincide with the 2013  NASCAR season.

Let us know what you think (or hope) it will be in comments below.

Source: Chevrolet


Spectulation,spectulation! Why we cannot wait, is always a handicap for us car guys and gals. Just like back in the 50's all manufacturers transported there vehicles covered on the transporter. Well I could not wait to see what the new model would look like. So, I went to the back lot where "Anchor Motor Freight" loaded the newest model. Ta, da, "I have just seen the new '55 chevrolet. That made me feel real good..Ah those were the days. My spectulation for the 2013 race/passenger car wil be made of of the '70 chevelle SS. Why not, It was one of Chevrolet's hottest seller. Thanks for being my sounding board.
A Holden 60 Coupe with a LS7, 6 Speed Tyranny, Zeta chassis. Holden has never built the 60 Coupe but what they did build looks a lot like NASCAR material. As a G8 GT owner I think it would leave the dealerships before they could get in the show rooms. The name should be the “DAYTONA COUPE”! No four doors, no V6s, No drop tops, No Wagons or stylish pickups, just ground pounding horsepower with an attitude and when you put your foot down everybody knows it.
Jeff Joos
Camaro, charger, and challenger came back the obviuos name for this new Chevy-Chevelle SS and hello we want to see a new EL CAMINO based on the same vehicle also!
Dave Hill
I heard that chevy is building a 1966 Smokey Yunick chevelle replica racecar complete with paint scheme.
The Chevrolet Trans Am? Grand Prix? Firebird? "New to the nameplate" does not mean new to GM.
Left Coast Tim
Will this car be "legal"? I mean, a rear-wheel drive vehicle powered by a V-8 engine, 2-door configuration, with a manual transmission? Nothing currently raced in Cup is homologated, like NASCAR used to require of its manufacturers. Or will this be based on that special-edition "cop car" from Australia? (Like the last Pontiac GTO)
LOL...of all the pics you could pick out there you had to take one from Kyle Busch in a Hendricks car!!!
Impala for the win, lacks the cache of caprice in racing circles.
Cameron Corns
NASCAR is making a great move with the production cars. I can not wait to see this new car and then for next year's Daytona 500. Hopefully it will be a sporty model rather than a futuristic model of vehicle.

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