Nach Deutschland: Porsche European Delivery Program Now A Free Option

Several European automakers have long offered programs allowing American customers to pick up their cars in Europe, and now Porsche is expanding its take on the trend. Porsche will enhance its European Delivery Program by making the trip a free option on new cars, and including several new activities in Germany.

Under the new program, Porsche buyers don't have to pay any extra for the European Delivery treatment itself, but must still pay for travel and lodging through reduced-rate offers arranged by Porsche. Customers can elect to visit either Porsche's facilities in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, where the 911, Boxster, and Cayman are built; or Leipzig, where the Panamera and Cayenne are produced. Buyers get a factory tour, a detailed explanation of all their cars' new features, and a photo of their new vehicle in front of the Leipzig factory or the Porsche Museum. Visitors to Leipzig can drive on the Porsche test track or take the Cayenne through the company's off-roading course; while visitors to Stuttgart get free admission to the Porsche Museum.

In addition to all that, customers who elect for European Delivery get two weeks' worth of insurance and temporary registration, allowing them to enjoy their new Porsche on European roads. When the mini-vacation is over, Porsche will handle shipping the car to the U.S. and delivering it to the customer's closest dealership.

Other manufacturers offering European Delivery programs include Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo.

Bottom line: we're jealous, and we hope anyone who's contemplating buying a new Porsche will consider taking advantage of this outstanding opportunity.

Source: Porsche

Will Ellingham
@Confused: Perhaps it's a device to ascertain whether anyone's reading the article? Sharp eye, I missed it along with the proofreader... @Jake: There was a grandiose plan afoot before the Museum was finished for the traffic circle in the above photo. A lot of hoopla in the German press over the winning design of a nationally famous female artist. It looked pretty cool. What happened? If you could follow that up, there may be a story there ;)
Why would Porsche deliver their customers car to the nearst BMW dealership?

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