More Photos Of The Wild Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6

Yes, although we had our first look at the massive (and insane) Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 a few weeks back, it seemed to come a little ahead of schedule. The full array of press materials and specifications weren’t posted to Mercedes’ press site until today, so we’ve circled ‘round to bring you an uber-gallery of the uber-Gelandewagen.

Better yet, here are a few additional fun facts on this insane machine.

-THERE ARE TWO! Yes, AMG is allegedly still evaluating an extremely limited production run (i.e. less than 40), but for now, there are two examples of the luxuriously-trimmed desert runner – one in matte silver paint, and another in white.

-PORTAL AXLES! We suspected that monstrous stance was more than an Ohlins suspension lift. Turns out we were right – like the hallowed Unimog, the G63 6x6 boasts portal axles, which further help increase ground clearance (and ride height). In fact, ground clearance doubles to 460 mm.

-FIVE DIFFERENTIAL LOCKS! Yes, there are five, but like all G-Class models, you apply them in three steps. Stage one: both the transfer case and the rear inter-axle differential (i.e. between the two rears) is locked. Stage two: Both rear axles are locked to equally split traction between the wheels. Stage three; lock the front axle to do the same up front.

-MORE FUN WITH NUMBERS: At last, we have some additional finite dimensions for this beast.

Wheelbase: 13.7 feet Overall Length: 19.25 feet Height: 7.5 feet Width: 6.9 feet Weight: 8488 lbs Approach/Departure angles: 52/54 degrees (stock Gs are 36/27, respectively) Fording depth: 39.4 inches Tilt angle: 30 degrees (58%) Fuel capacity: 42 gallons Fuel economy: Not a concern, at least where most of these are headed… Wheels: 45-inch beadlock alloys Tires: 37 x 12.5 x 18 inch

Source: Mercedes-Benz

Tanner Cole
It would be more desirable to me if they had put an extended passenger area in the back instead of a truck bed.
Gary Ferguson
Obummer wants to know if it is wind or solar powered.
Hamid Se
Killer rock and desert........this is very nice
Franc Lhass
Efrain Merchan
INSANE is right. Note we can drive through gravel and mud in style!
Finn Mattheis
awesome, here's a video of it:
Balbir Singh
Balbir Singh
monster suv
@automobilemag @MercedesBenz This vehicle is utterly redonkulous. And I love it.

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