MG CS SUV Concept Unveiled Before Shanghai

You may remember the MG Icon revealed at last spring's Beijing auto show, a retro-inspired crossover that many compared to the Nissan Juke. At the time, MG claimed the Icon previewed a future production model. MG is also claiming its CS concept SUV that will be unveiled in Shanghai in a week likewise previews a production model. Has the former maker of celebrated roadsters gone crossover-crazy?

But it looks like MG isn't done with crossovers yet. The company has just released these photos of its latest creation, the CS concept. The release claims the CS previews the brand's first production SUV. Although it's always hard to judge scale and proportion based on concept sketches, it appears to be larger, and considerably more contemporary and angular in its appearance than the Icon.  The front has horizontal headlamps with a multi-faceted "shard" structure designed to refract different colors of light to the side, but viewed straight-on, within the reflector housing is MG's traditional octagonal logo.

The rear of the CS shows a resemblance to the recently-unveiled 2014 Jeep Cherokee, with high-mounted horizontal taillights that border the rear glass. Center-mounted exhaust outlets give the CS a sporty style. While it doesn't break any new radical ground stylistically, especially for a concept car, the sketches released of the CS suggest it will be a handsome, contemporary SUV. How close will it be to the concept car revealed in Shanghai, or for that matter, the production model it previews? We'll get an answer to the first part in about a week, and possibly the latter in a year or two.

Source: MG

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