MG Abandons Plans for an American Return

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2008 Mg Tf

Still waiting for the MG brand to return to the U.S?; Your patience may be in vain, as the automaker revealed it no longer plans to send sports cars stateside.

Although MG, now owned by the Chinese Nanjing Automobile Group, is ramping up production of its TF roadster, company executives admit there are no plans to federalize the car for U.S. sale. Gary Hagen, MG's marketing director, told Austin Rover Online that the U.S. market isn't "on the short term radar."; He did admit, however, that "with the right product, it would be good to return." ; The TF, originally launched as the MG F in 1995, was never designed for U.S. safety standards and would require a considerable amount of engineering work in order to legally import the car. ; MG reportedly plans to replace the aging TF with a new roadster in the future, which could possibly be designed for global sale. Source: Automotive News

Too bad there will be no new MGs in the US in the near future. Too bad MG is now owned by the Chinese. Too bad nearly every great surviving British marque is now owned by someone else.I want a 21st-century Triumph Spitfire, built by the British, by a company owned by the British. They dominate F1 construction, so you know the engineering expertise is there. Why can't they build their own world-class cars anymore?

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