McLaren Sidesteps F1s Ban on Traction Control

Mclaren F1 Car

Yes, traction control systems have been banned from Formula 1 for 2008, but McLaren’s F1 cars are still using them – and without technically breaking any rules.

The current ban restricts teams from using a traction control system that’s automatically triggered with any shift.; McLaren’s isn’t – it’s actuated by the driver itself.

Steering wheels on the cars sport the familiar up- and down-shift paddles, but McLaren’s cars sport an additional two levers, each changing engine parameters to limit how much torque is sent to the rear wheels.

It’s the same premise used in the banned traction systems, but by letting the driver control it independently of shifting, it’s legal – at least for now.

Source: Axis of Oversteer

It's traction control in the sense that it changes engine mapping which is perfectly legal. Where Mclaren is being clever is that they figured out a convenient way to do it.
So how does the car work with a four pedal shift now IF no development is allowed on individual ECU's. If I recall correctly, this year all cars are suppose to share a similar ECU from one developer. I would have thought for two extra pedals to be utilized, surely the ECU needs to work with it or I could be wrong. I doubt Mclaren are using any form of traction control. Their cars are just better than all the rest and someone is reading too much into a picture of how many pedals there are behind the steering. I am sure in-car shots would have picked all this odd changing of gears before.

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