Mazda to Bring SkyActiv Diesel to US by 2014 – Smart Move?

Mazda plans to bring the SkyActiv-D diesel engine to the U.S. market as early as 2014. The move is said to help the automaker differentiate itself from other automakers who offer hybrids to increase fuel economy. The turbocharged 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine that Mazda currently offers elsewhere makes 173 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque.

"We think it's a good differentiator," said Jim O'Sullivan, CEO of Mazda North American Operations, to Automotive News during the Detroit auto show. It will give Mazda a reputation, he said, that "Those guys are always doing something a little different."

O’Sullivan didn’t say which model would usher in the SkyActiv-D diesel engine, but the new CX-5 crossover (which is the first vehicle designed and built around Mazda’s SkyActiv philosophy) is expected to debut the oil-burner in the U.S. The CX-5 with the SkyActiv-G gas engine will go on sale in March. Mazda expects the diesel engine to achieve around 30 percent better fuel economy than the 29 combined mpg of the gas engine.

The all-new Mazda6 sedan is also expected to offer the SkyActiv-D engine in some markets. It is expected to go on sale by the end of this year in the U.S. O’Sullivan was mum on whether the U.S. was included as one of those markets.

Mazda sees Volkswagen’s success with diesel engines in North America and noted that the German automaker has the diesel market to itself – at least at its price point.

"Volkswagen, I honestly believe, gets incremental business above and beyond other brands because they do have a diesel, and they buy Volkswagens only because they have it," said O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan also told Automotive News that he didn’t think offering diesel engines would bring double-digit gains, but Mazda could see “significant” incremental increases for high-volume models.

Do you think Mazda is making the right move by bringing the SkyActiv D diesel engine to the U.S. market in light of the fuel price premium in the states? Do you think O’Sullivan is right that diesel engines will bring more interest to the brand? Will the diesel engine bring small sales increases, or do you think it will be significant? What vehicles would you want to the SkyActiv diesel engine available in?

Source: Automotive News

I actually Dyno'd my modified TDi with both WVO and Fresh cooking oil as well.. WVO gets about 1 hp - 1.5 hp less than diesel (Hey, it's used and sort of dirty! but FREE, and filtered with an industrial centrifuge), and Fresh cooking oil gets a little more hp than diesel (like 1.5% more ~ 2hp from 130 hp) I've also burnt used motor oil and trans fluid in my 2000 F250 as well, that motor will burn almost any type of oil, but my 7.3 liter V8 turbo diesel motor only gets 15-17 mpg! The truck weighs over 5500 pounds!
So, what had happened to the Subaru Boxer Diesel said to be coming to the US in 2008? I know they exist in Europe, so, what happen to selling them here in US? I have the ealy 2003 VW TDi Golf which gets over 53+mpg Hwy with stock 90 hp (rated to the crank) motor. ( I've gone up to 120 +mph with it when I had it stock for the first year of ownership; I believe I still could have gone a little faster, but I ran out of road - took a while to get to 120.) Now, 128hp (Dyno'd to the front wheels) with stock turbo still getting mid 30 mpg (with my heavy right foot!) The things I didn't like about to VW are the German Electronics/sensors, Heavy body weight, and sacky headliner. I'm looking for older VW Turbo diesel motor with simple electronics and mechanical injection pump to put into my Suzuki Samurai to run on WVO- Waste Vegetable Oil, like I have done to all my Diesel cars/trucks! smell that cooking oil behind me! ha, ha..............
We have to wait for the numbers. How much extra is the diesel engine? How much better is the mileage vs the gas engine? You have to remember diesel fuel is about 25% higher then gas. When you consider the cost of oil changes, maintenance and fuel it may or may not be worth it.
Are we taking pre-orders? Put me down for a turbo diesel Mazda 6, gun-metal exterior, light leather interior. Mazda, if you plan on doing a Mazdaspeed version of 6, I'd rather have that. I'll be one of the first in the show room.
If silver-spoon Romney and his fat-cat oil buddies get their way, you can kiss fuel-efficient technologies like diesels and hybrids goodbye. But you all already know that.
I currently own a 2009 vw jetta sport-wagon tdi. I was going to buy a new 2012 vw passat, but now I will wait for the Mazda Diesel. I would like to see it in the CX-5, Mazda 5, or a truck. So bring to America in early 2013, please.....
me too.. diesel plus manual tranny = me buying one right now!!
I test drove the CX-5 a few days ago. I have to say it's great. The interior is very business like and reminds me of a VW. The amber lighting reminds me of my E36 323 BMW. Better yet, the handling reminds me of my BMW's. It's nice, solid, and resonsive. My only complaints were a lack of power and no manual for the AWD. The CX-5's chassis is great and can certainly handle more power. Throw that Diesel in there and you have a winner. Better yet, add the diesel, plus a manual transmission w/ the AWD and I'd buy it right now.
Richard C
Mazda will sell them like HOT CAKES .Bring a midsize diesel pickup when they come in 2014 . If they do look out FORD F150
Michael S
Yes, bring it, and bring it for MY14. I've had three VW's and don't want to do it again. I prefer Japanese and the only reason I'd consider a VW is the absence of competition on the Diesel front. The question is, will the SkyActive-D have the operating lifetime of a traditional Diesel?
Diesel cars NOW!!!
...and don't wait until 2014!
albert vass
Yes, yes and yes.
I think any Mazda + Diesel = Winner. Wife will keep her gas BMW X3 because it's her baby. Me, i'm looking for diesel and don't want a VW. Mazda is the most BMW like to me and would love the driving dynamics at a lower price. Can we have the SkyActiv-D in a CX-9? Pretty Please? With Diesel on top?
Matthew Lampe
I concur that Mazda should bring the MX-5 diesel in, and the sooner the better. The market is open for a small SUV with a diesel...MB is finally saying they will put it in the GLK, and Audi may do something, but at higher price.points. I just hope one of them will be available when my 335d lease runs out in the fall of 2013....
As most have already stated, Why do we have to wait 2 years??? Offering both Skyactiv versions, Diesel and Gas, would give people a choice. How people respond may also give you a better idea of which vehicles to offer it in next, the 6 or the 3, or even another model. VW won't put one in the Tiguan until 2015, and the Audi and BMW are not in the same class(assuming they even actually do it). Having the market to yourself for a year or two would build a lot of new customers coming from other brands. Please reconsider so I can buy one for my birthday next December and ditch my Tacoma!
Seriously Mazda, don't make me overspend on the GLK (369 lb-ft!) or Q5/X3 4 banger diesels that are probably coming also. 2014? That better be model year ie not more than 18 months away. I can't wait for all the small CUV diesel comparisons to come.
Get moving on this Mazda, zoom-zoom. Looking forward to this one. I read that it won't require the Urea treatment like the German clean-diesels. If that's the case, then this thing will fly off the lots.
Regi Gist
I just wanna see what the next Mazda6 will look like, I can't wait to see it!
Jay, You are sooo right. Every minute Mazda waits is another sale for VW. The theory that North Americans hate diesel is a self perpetuating myth. Diesel sales are up 27% in the US in 2011. 27%!!! Are you listening Mazda? Every review of the CX-5 agrees its underpowered. But they want bragging rights to the best fuel economy in the segment. The solution is so simple is boggles the mind that nobody will do it. How does 300 lb/ft of torque sound? And about 50 mpg highway? Turbo diesel is the way forward. It makes gasoline power seem sad really. The rest of the world has had this option for....well, forever. I had a TDI and it rocked. Oh it was horribly unreliable but that was VW's fault not fact that it was a diesel. Imagine Japanese reliability and diesel power. Driving pleasure from Mazda's zoom zoom and gobs of torque. Sorry , have to go wipe the drool off my chin now. C'mon Mazda, diesel us already.
I think it's a great idea. VW has no trouble selling their diesels so I'm surprised that the theory that American's won't buy a diesel still exists. I'll also trust the proven techology of a diesel engine over a hybrid any day. Mazda's only mistake, in my opinion, is waiting until 2014 to bring it to market. I'm unclear as to whether 2014 is the model or calendar year, but either way it is over a year away. My old 14mpg Explorer is on it's last legs and I'll need a replacement soon. If the CX-5 came in diesel right now there's little doubt I'd buy it. Instead it's gas engine doesn't really set it appart from its competitors... like the Ford Escape.

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