Mazda RX-7 Still in the Works

Joshua Duval

Mazda is still developing its next Mazda RX-7 despite the current economic woes, confirming that it still has high hopes for its rotary engine, according to sources.

Citing unnamed informants close to Mazda, Inside Line reported yesterday that the next-generation RX-7 is still under development and that the Japanese company is continuing to work on improving its rotary engine. The new RX-7 is rumored to be equipped with a 16X rotary engine that will make somewhere north of 270 horsepower. Mazda's new twin-rotor engine will feature an 800cc x 2 configuration, versus the current engine's 654cc x 2 setup.

Mazda hopes to improve fuel economy by up to 20 percent with the upgrades to the engine. A new six-speed, DSG-style transmission that allows driver to set the revs at which the clutches engage is being developed for the car, and the sources say engineers have reduced curb weight by 220 pounds by developing a new chassis.

Source: Inside Line

A new RX-7 or a new RX-8? I like the idea of a return to a 2 seater rotary powered coupe be sold along side the RX-8.

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