Mark LaNeve Set to Leave General Motors Next Week


LaNeve exits after being head of GM's sales and service since 2005. "Mark's going to join another company to pursue an interest outside the auto industry," GM CEO Fritz Henderson told Automotive News.

His departure follows one of the worst years in GM's history. For the first nine months of 2009, GM sales were down 36 percent compared to last year, and were 9 percent worse than the industry average.

GM CEO Fritz Henderson mentioned the possibility of hiring some "outside talent" to replace LaNeve. Henderson also remarked, "I do think there's a benefit to us bringing in people from the outside in all areas of our company."

"It's a sad day for the dealer body...I felt GM had its best chance with him," said John Rogin, a GM dealership owner.

LaNeve started his career at GM and held several high-level jobs at GM.He was head of the Cadillac brand for a short stint beginning in 2001. He is said to have "transformed the Cadillac brand." At age 50, LaNeve has a long road ahead of himself.

Source: Automotive News

Is this the same moron who decided to overbuild SUVs and light trucks when the housing bubble had yet to burst and people could afford $40k for a Suburban?And as far as leaving the industry, what automaker in their right mind would hire him?I wish the guy luck in his new endeavors, as long as we won't have to collectively pay for his mistakes as taxpayers.P.S. If GM brought me in, I would make the company profitable again within 6 months by telling the EPA and the government at large to F-off by building cars Americans actually want!

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