List of the Top Ten Most Ticketed Cars Published

You might peg a high-dollar, super-fast sports car as the most ticketed vehicle in the U.S., but a recent study conducted by Quality Planning, a company specializing in analytics that works with insurance companies, shows that’s not always the case. Posted in a slideshow on CNBC, Quality Planning’s top ten most ticketed cars list had a few interesting surprises this year.

Using data collected by law enforcement, Quality Planning ranked vehicles based on the number of moving violations issued per 100,000 miles. While the top ten list includes a few predictable cars, the statistics are pretty interesting. Of the top ten, seven were more likely to be driven by women. Another surprising fact was that seven of the ten total entries had drivers with an average age of 40 or higher – perhaps not the troublemakers you’d expect.

At the bottom of the list, surprisingly, was the Volkswagen GTI. With turbocharged power and a following of younger, potentially risk-taking drivers, you might expect this hot hatch to find itself on the receiving end of a radar gun more often. According to this study though, driving a Pontiac Grand Prix might get you more attention from the boys and girls in blue, as that car took the number eight spot on the list. Probably the most unexpected outcome though, was the Toyota Camry Solara coupe at number two. Tied with the Scion tC for the lowest percentage of male drivers (39 percent), the Solara surprised even the researchers with its high ticketing rate.

Somewhat predictably, the rest of the top ten is dominated by sport sedans and coupes from Mercedes-Benz, with the SL-Class convertible even claiming the top spot. Also notable is the inclusion of the Hummer H2 and H3 SUV, coming in at number four. With the highest percentage of male drivers at 73 percent and a bold, in-your-face style, we can see how the Hummer would be more likely to rack up a few citations.

Source: CNBC

uh a GTI is fail. FWS peice of shit.
Volkswagen cars do not look better than every Mitsubishi. Def not the 3kgt nor the evos so
Well, You need to come to MI,(near the Det area) were u see tricked out Grand Prixs all day. Not that I like them or anything
That's because every time a civic gets pulled over, they don't get a ticket. They get arrested for being pot smoking, drunk, criminals, who are so faded they think they have a car worth speeding in. Civics make me laugh, they're the cars of frat boys and cholo's.
That's because GTI's are way better looking than any Mitsubishi or Subaru ever made. They may not always be as fast when stock, but they *always* look sportier. I drive a GTI though, so may be somewhat prejudiced.
I drive a red mustang and ive been pulled over like 100 times just because of the car
Very, very dumb idea to speed in a Hummer. Also.. GTI but no Lancer or Impreza?!
That's funny i have an integra and i've only been pulled over once :D
list sucks, not a day in my life have i seen a "tricked out" pontiac grand prix.
Trinity are you dumb? Acura IS Honda, go back to school, tricks are for kids
I drive a gti and the most I've been pulled over for was 15 over
that's because Honda stands for How Odd, No Damn Acceleration....lmao...stupid ricers
Theres no Civics on this list so its wrong...

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