End of the Line: Mitsubishi Halting Production of Eclipse and Endeavor

Mitsubishi is planning a number of new product introductions as it attempts to reinvent itself as a leaner, greener automaker, but as a result, it's axing a number of its aging product lines. As a result, the company will cease production of the Eclipse coupe, Eclipse Spyder, and Endeavor crossover this August.

All three of these model lines are presently manufactured at the company's U.S. manufacturing base, located in Normal, Illinois. Although Mitsubishi has previously teased the notion of retooling the plant for other new products, the fourth model line built at the facility -- the aging Galant midsize sedan -- will still be produced for the time being, according to Automotive News.

The Eclipse's demise marks an end to the model's 21-year history. To commemorate that run, Mitsubishi has announced a new four-cylinder Eclipse SE Special Edition model for 2012, that adds special badging, black side mirrors, and darkly finished 18-inch wheels. The car has the same equipment as the loaded, V-6-powered GS Sport models, which means amenities like leather seating surfaces, heated front seats, a rearview camera, HID headlights, a 650-watt sound system, and a sunroof (on coupes only, of course) are also thrown in as standard equipment

As for the Endeavor? No celebratory send-off is planned (or expected) at this point, but seeing as only 4294 examples were sold in 2010, perhaps only a small niche of faithful Endeavor loyalists will be saddened.

Although Mitsubishi is cutting production of both models this summer, the company expects the current supply levels of the Eclipse and Endeavor should keep its dealer network supplied with enough inventory. Seeing as both models are both outdated and essentially invisible to most consumers, the decision to simultaneously drop both isn't exactly surprising, but what say you -- is there still a place in Mitsu's lineup, let alone the world, for the Eclipse and Endeavor? Make your case for either model in the comments section below.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription required), Mitsubishi

i dont know why mitsubishi is canceling the eclipse it kept their asses affloat for so many years ......now imma buy a HONDA
It's really sad that Mistsubishi execs lacked the foresight to market the Endeavor properly. This is a great AWD vehicle...! The last couple of years they only offered a choice of 4 colors.....whoever came up with THAT idea should be tarred and feathered. That is the main reason that I did not trade in my 05 Endeavor. This vehicle handles awesome in the snow and on icy roads. I leave my house for a few days for work in the winter and when I come home the end of the driveway is all plowed in from the snowplows...I just plow right through, up and over into the long driveway. I haven't been stuck once...! The heated seats are the best on the market...and I rent vehicles over 90 times/yr in other cities when I travel for work. The blue dashboard lighting is soft and soothing...not that bright red orange glare found on so many other vehicles. The larger outside mirrors are perfect, bigger than average, but not too big. The ride is smooth as it's not on a truck frame. Why can't Mitsubishi leave well enough alone...? Market it to the same demographic groups that Suburu does....those of us who aren't looking for something that's only eye-catching....just a great handling, solid driving, smooth riding, mid-size suv......
Don't worry Ryan the current rumor coming out of Mitsubishi is that they are still making the Evo!! It will supposedly be a hybrid or diesel force induced engine....... Ok so yes the are killing the Evo. Although they really killed the Evo with the X but that's another battle.
Guess it's taking some time to work out the kinks of the new platform for the new model ranges. Why else has so much time passed since the current Galant came out. Does Green have to translate into boring?
First the Evo, now the Eclipse. Congratulations Mitsubishi, you are now less interesting than Toyota.

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