Lincoln's Future: Ford Says Lux Brand Will Get Upgraded Tech and Design

Lincoln sat on the sidelines at the Detroit auto show as Ford revealed the Vertrek and electric Focus, but the luxury brand wasn't completely neglected. At the show, Ford promised that future Lincolns won't just feature unique designs but different technology as well.

Lincoln has a number of new products in the pipeline to augment the mild success of the MKZ sedan and MKX crossover. In 2010, Lincoln sales were 3.6 percent higher than in 2009.


For 2011 and beyond, the plan is for more differentiation, and if Ford wants Lincoln dealers to pay for expensive dealership upgrades, that's probably a good idea.

“The strategy isn't just new products, but full differentiation from the Ford brand in not only design, but in technology,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford's group vice president of global product development, to Automotive News and others at the Detroit Auto Show.

Details such as an adjustable suspension system, different engines (a specially-tuned EcoBoost V-6, perhaps), and upgraded all-wheel drive could help establish Lincoln as definitively upscale in comparison with Ford. As with Acura, Lincoln doesn't intend to add a rear-wheel-drive vehicle in the near future.

With Mercury gone, Ford may have more money (and attention) to devote to Lincoln. If you were in control of the brand, what changes would you make to Lincoln without putting a strain on Ford's finances?

Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)

Dave Kroll
II completely agree with extending the Mark series. A RWD luxury car. I’ve written Lincoln about this. If they expect me to buy the cr@p they are selling now…
bring back the Mark coupe (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII) and pair it with a four door only Town Car that is broad shouldered, luxurious, American, with a 10 or 12 cylinder engine.
Where to begin? In regards Lincoln, Ford's eyes have been off the ball for decades. Decades. What was the last memorable Lincoln? What a sorry bunch of poorly-conceived and poorly-executed products we've been looking at all these years. A turn around would have to start with a fundamental change of heart at corporate. A commitment to building the brand. A vision of what that brand is. A durable design language that speaks to today's market. Quality build execution. Sure, a halo car would be great but Lincoln needs main stream vehicles for volume and presence in the market. How about a Town Car that is CURRENT?
I would supposely piggyback an alliance with Now geely owned Volvo in exchange for techology sharing of platforms in helping Geely aim to go global offering old ford design technology no longer used.With Lincoln wanting to go further upmarket and Volvo with it new parent want to dip into the lower end of the middle luxury market.Lincoln wanting to be more exclusive Volvo now wanting to be more Volume. Geely parent wanting to quickly advance in learning how to build a budget world class brand while still in it's domestic chinese market.
I think they might need a coupe or two. A big "personal luxury" coupe with a lot of style would be nice, like a budget Bentley Brooklands. I agree with bringing back the names. American car names have been histrorically awesome. Alpha-numeric names are a cop out AND they suck. I agree about the halo car, They should make a true competitor to the Mercedes S-class and give it a relatively efficient V12. What american car offers a V12?
They need RWD, a halo car, Coupe/convertible, 4-door retractible roof sedan (thus their halo car void can be fulfilled as something different than every other "Lux" brand), small suv (based off vertrek I suppose), and actual names rather than their stupid MKthis and MKthat. Blah.

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