Lincoln Rebrands Itself Lincoln Motor Company, Launches New Advertising Campaign

It's no longer just Lincoln -- the Ford luxury brand will henceforth be known as the Lincoln Motor Company. That's actually a return to the company's original name from 1922, and it will be used in a new national advertising campaign that starts today called, fittingly, "Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company." Lincoln says that rebranding itself will give it the opportunity to start fresh and build its image anew. Clearly, though, the move also is designed to remind customers of the glamorous Lincoln vehicles of decades past. The company's stand at the Los Angeles auto show last week featured only heritage vehicles on the first press day, giving a nod to classic models like the 1940 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet, and much of the advertising focuses on glamorous cars from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. It's a reminder that Lincoln hasn't always simply sold gussied-up Ford sedans and crossovers. "The campaign captures the founding principles of the company and brings them forward to a new generation of progressive luxury buyers," Lincoln said in a statement. Clearly the company needs all the help it can get: in the first 11 months of this year, the entire Lincoln brand sold only 74,766 cars. Ford sold 77,458 Mustang sports cars over the same period. In addition to a grandiose video highlighting the brand's past (embedded below), Lincoln also revealed a new 60-second commercial that will air nationally starting today. The spot shows off several of the company's classic models, features a character dressed as former President Lincoln, and also touts the new 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedan. "This is about moving forward by looking back," intones the commercial's narrator. "This is about going places others aren't." Over the weekend, Lincoln published a short teaser video with some behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial shoot. The most notable part is a shot that includes the body shell of a Ford Mustang, which could be a nod to rumors that Lincoln will introduce a rear-wheel-drive model based on the next Mustang sports car. But as it's an extremely brief cameo by the current-generation Mustang, we won't read too far into this for now. Look for even more ads featuring the "Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company" theme for the rest of 2013. Source: Lincoln Introduction Video Click here for video Commercial Click here for video Making-Of Teaser Click here for video

Robert L Macchia
I owned a 2008 Lincoln MKZ, the car was stunningly beautiful, very luxurious and I got 25 MPG on the highway.  Unfortunately I had to sell the car due to illness.  I think Lincoln is a much better luxury car than any Cadillac, and the new MKZ has such crisp styling. 
Will they at least make their cars keep running trouble free past 60,000 miles? You know, like the Japanese cars?
While they're rebranding the marque, they should also take this opportunity to rebrand their model nomenclature. They used to have great names like Continental and Zephyr, but now I can never keep straight which model is which among the MKZ, MKX, MKT, and MKS. Even switching to Mark Z, Mark X, etc. would be a nominal improvement, putting more emphasis on the most significant component of the name.
I want to be interested, but I know I will be disappointed. The car might be new, but what's the bet that the dealer is a tired old 1950's era dealership with no parking spaces, a tiny showroom with a car randomly parked in it for no particular rhyme or reason, and the salesman that approaches me won't be some aging ex-high school jock who never amounted to anything in life and really couldn't be less interested in the car he is selling. That's my experience every time with the Ford Motor Company and what I expect from the Lincoln Motor Company. I seriously doubt that Alan Mulally or anyone else at Ford know how to change that - it's probably impossible to wake their dealerships up and get them to invest in this century.
Robert L Macchia
@ShelbyGT Go take a look at the Lincoln's you will be surprised.  I owned one and it was one of the best cars I ever owned.  We now own a Mercedes (2008 E350 4matic) and the Lincoln could compare to the Mercedes any day.

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