Leno Snags First New Acura NSX from Seinfeld in Super Bowl Ad

January 30, 2012
Seinfeld NSX Ad Bribe
What's being first worth to you? Evidently, for comedian Jerry Seinfeld, quite a bit. In Acura's first Super Bowl ad, the eponymous sitcom star tries to tempt a buyer who is first in line for Acura's revived NSX sports car with a variety of unusual, fanciful and annoying bribes to get ahold of the bragging rights. Alas, another well-known comedian snatches that chance from his grip.
Seinfeld offers everything from the soup nazi, a dancing holographic monkey, to his personal Manhattan zip-line network to try to convince the customer to give him first place. It seems the zip line wins him over, until rival comic Jay Leno literally and figuratively swoops down with an even better offer, to ostensibly add the new Japanese supercar to his already legendary collection of collectible, classic, and rare cars.
See what fanciful gizmo finally sealed the deal for Leno in the video below.
Source: YouTube


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