Should Lancia’s Ypsilon Join Chrysler’s U.S. Lineup?

Although Lancia publically unwrapped the all-new Ypsilon subcompact at the 2011 Geneva motor show in March, dealers across Europe only began selling the vehicle this week. But given the blending of the Chrysler and Lancia brands abroad, should the stylish little hatchback work its way into Chrysler’s U.S. showrooms?

Once upon a time, that was exactly the plan. The Ypslion -- which rides upon Fiat’s supermini platform, and also underpins the likes of the 500 and Panda -- was originally slated to come stateside, potentially lending Chrysler dealers a small, stylish replacement for the departed PT Cruiser.

However, that may no longer be the case. The latest word from executives is that Chrysler may leave small cars to the Fiat brand, allowing that nameplate to expand its lineup beyond the two-door 500 (and its various trims).  That’s possibly a wise decision, as many Fiat “studios” (a.k.a. showrooms) will be paired with existing Chrysler dealer franchises. Tossing the Ypsilon into Chrysler’s lot could create some unnecessary competition.

But should Chrysler abstain from its own small offering in North America?  Styling is subjective, but we think the Ypsi looks rather striking -- a Delta in three-quarter scale, if you will, especially when it’s ordered with the optional two-tone paint scheme shown here. Buyers will have their choice of a 69-hp, 1.2-liter I-4; a 95-hp, turbocharged 1.3-liter I-4; or Fiat’s 85-hp, turbocharged 875-cc two-cylinder mill.

We’d wager the two-cylinder wouldn’t work here in the U.S., but could the Ypsilon fare well in North America as a Chrysler? Would this serve as a decent replacement for the PT, or should stylish, premium small cars remain Fiat’s domain in our market? Let us know your thoughts by way of the comments section below.

You betcha! Fiat has already anounced it was merging Chrysler and Lancia. Chrysler to be the upscale vehicle for Chrysler LLC and the Ypsilon already has some similarities to PT Cruiser, why not slap a "Chrysler" grill on it, put some meat in the engine, can't have an upscale car with no guts. Go Chrysler/fiat. I'm not a big fan of either, but I like the progress so far.
I think it should come over on US market but not as a chrysler or lancia ! the ypsilon is responsible to kill lancia image ! lancia was a luxury brand to compete with benz and so on so it will def make chrysler look desperate! market it as fiat or as dodge ! if they wanna bring lancia back should be larger cars!!
Fiat should add this to their lineup and grab as much of the sub-compact car sector as they can.
I have a long history with Italian cars, but the styling of this one strikes me as a mess. Too many lines going in too many directions, especially from the rear 3/4 view.
This is a cute car, but it's not big enough to be a Chrysler. Label it as a Plymouth scout & put it in the showrooms.
Its a tany car. 120-140 hp would be more than enough
I want to to see the the Lancia Delta come over to the states as a Chrysler. It is upscale and would not compete with the 500 yet would help with the mpg average.
Bob Suruncle
It looks like a PT Cruiser already. Why not just bring the nameplate back. That would really bring them in. However, this thing NEEDS to have at least 160 to 190 HP. Nothing small in it at all.
I agree with you, I like this car... But Chrysler doesn't need a small car, Fiat and Dodge need them. Chrysler is considered a luxury brand, and the people that drive them tend not to care about MPGs as much, so they wouldn't buy it. Dodge is a Mainstreem brand and those customers do care about MPGs, so they will buy it
I like this car. Hopefully the US will get it in some form or another. I agree that a small car would work better under the Dodge brand; however, Dodge has "blocked" itself in with it's blocky styling language and this car wouldn't fit. Perhaps, though, it's time to break with that tradition....
This would make a great car for Dodge. Chrysler should build nothing smaller than the 200 and it needs to bring out a 200 like the 200 show car not the disappointment that the current 200 is.

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