Is A Rolls-Royce Ghost Hybrid On The Way?

We’d heard that Rolls-Royce was interested in pursuing an electric vehicle, but recent reports suggest the British luxury car manufacturer may be building a hybrid-electric version of its latest offering, the Ghost.

Although a hybrid would be new territory for Rolls, it isn’t for its parent firm, BMW, which is launching an X6 Hybrid and a hybrid version of the 7-series sedan. A Ghost hybrid would likely steal some technology from the latter, seeing as the car already shares some powertrain and mechanical bits with the 7.

According to Autocar, the Ghost hybrid will combine its unique 6.2-liter V-12 with the same electric motor/transmission assembly used in the ActiveHybrid 7. The electric motor sandwiched into the transmission produces 20 kW (27 hp) and 155 lb-ft -- enough power to help during hard acceleration, but not enough to propel the vehicle under electric power alone. Along with start/stop technology, the electric motor would help achieve roughly a 15 percent increase in fuel economy.

We’ve yet to hear if/when such a model is slated to reach production, but if it is, expect it to carry a substantial price premium over a standard Ghost.

Source: Autocar

completely unnecessary for a vehicle in this niche, but i think we might see many prius driving hollywooders ordering them up! i do think it is pretty narcissistic owning a rolls-royce, but if filthy rich, i cannot say that i would not. having a hybrid might help alleviate the guilt.

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