International Pony: Next Ford Mustang to be Designed Globally

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I agree in not wanting a "Wussy" Mustang ( Gosh I loved My 01 GT), Yet we need to remember, that over in Europe, they have had cars that are faster, look better and get better mpg than ours. I believe most of the problem to be our own Nanny State wanting to control what we buy and drive, yet the truth is still the truth, guess we'll have to wait and see.
Holly Clark
Well that was the original Plan for Mustang by none other than Phil Clark when he took the idea to each of the American Automakers..and then went to Europe and tried to push the car there.. SO maybe his spirit is truly living in this American LEGEND... because as he said (driving through Nevada from Tennessee to California), The Spirit of the Mustang, Is the Stallion of the Plains--running wild and free. Happy Mustangin' WORLDWIDE! ...Holly Clark
OOPS! I erred in saying "Chevy’s Camaro is now beating the pony pants off of the Camaro." My follow-up comment corrects my misteak, ah, um, I mean MISTAKE.
"Will it OR will it not be an international design?" "Guess we'll have to PROBE that angle, heh-heh," as Ford decides it needs some buzz on the 'stang since Chevy's Camaro is now beating the pony pants off of the Mustang. I neither prefer either; "just the facts, m'am."
"Will it OR will it not be an international design?" "Guess we'll have to PROBE that angle, heh-heh," as Ford decides it needs some buzz on the 'stang since Chevy's Camaro is now beating the pony pants off of the Camaro. I neither prefer either; "just the facts, m'am."
Having owned a few Mustangs (mainly early Fox body), I believe the next generation has to come down in size and cost. The short rear deck and long hood needs to be part of the equation along with a number of other familiar styling cues. Like the Mustang emblem on the grill. No more retro, time for some fresh styling. No need for a 4 cylinder engine. Stay with a V-6 and V-8. However, the price of gas is rising again and who knows what we'll be paying per gallon or per litre here in North America by 2015. I would also advize caution when gathering design input from other parts of the world. The Mustang is a car unique in styling and character to North America.
J Daniels
I think if there was anything to improve on this icon, it would be handling, power, weight and fuel economy. No need to destroy the styling that made it great. Just look at the Mustang II and the probe. Balance it, and keep updating the styling and engines every 2 yrs, thats all you need to do.
colin Darrow
Strange... They never seem to learn. Remember when the Probe " a very short term success" was suppoosed to replace the Mustang. Whoops! In fact the current Giugiaro influenced Mustang with it's soft and yes wussy back end is a great example as to why International design does not work on a Great American design. That is why after market companies such as Saleen spend so much trying to change the back end to give it some me strength. Hope they wake up.
Ronald D. Neate
Ford should use the platform to build a Mercury Marauder and bring back MERCURY DIVISION like GM used Buick to build something different than Chevy and Cadlilac for the mid-range . If a bankrupt GM can have more than two nameplates and make money then I believe good management at FORD would have seen the advantage of mid range MERCURY and I don't mean Ford's with a MERCURY badge. THANK YOU '
Ford should design the next Mustang in the U.S. and develop it overseas. A Mustang that can corner like a Porsche would be awesome. As far as styling goes, Ford should do what GM did with the Camaro: make it look like a slightly modern version of the original car. Even with $5/gallon gas, Ford should not put a four-cylinder engine in the car. A turbo-charged six would make a great entry-level engine and a twin-turbo charged completely modern V8 would give the car plenty of power and respectable fuel economy. To make the car profitable, Ford should share the platform (and nothing else) with Lincoln. Lincoln needs a RWD sedan, coupe, and convertible to remain relevant. This strategy has worked wonders for Nissan with the 370Z and G Series.
Jack Hammer
The mustang is almost perfect as is. Slight styling changes are needed to keep it fresh. However, major changes such as might come from Europe, Australia, or other places could destroy it's character and therefore it's market in the US. While the current fuel mileage, considering horsepower, is good, it needs to be improved (perhaps a hybrid model). I believe the Mustang is one of the best things Ford has going for it, so don't screw it up. Keep the innovations coming so it doesn't stagnate.
It should have the simple front grill/opening with the mustang logo, and it should retain the three-segment taillights. Those two are iconic. Next would be the driver/passenger window relationship with the rear vent windows and the rear faux gas cap (not 100% on that one, especially with all the aftermarket mods to eliminate it). Don't mess with the pony logo.
The next generation Mustang if it to survive in a world of $5+/gallon gas will have to be a 4 cyl. - hopefully turbo-charged. The Eco-Boost 4 due from Ford is a good start. Correspondingly the car will need to be smaller and more compact probably similar in dimension to original '65.

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