Hyundai Veloster to Add Fourth Door In Some Markets?

One of the Hyundai Veloster's party tricks consists of its three-door configuration, but that hallmark may not translate to all markets. In fact, an Australian source is fueling rumors that a four-door variant is in the cards.

Even before the Veloster officially launches later this year, someone with close ties to the automaker is apparently suggesting the possibility of a different Veloster body style. Eunjoo Shin, manager for overseas product planning, allegedly let slip that a "more conventional four-door configuration" Veloster could be developed for certain global markets.

If so, Shin's the only one talking about such a car. Other Hyundai reps are remaining tight-lipped about the subject, but are neither confirming nor denying a four-door Veloster.

The Veloster, first shown as a concept at the 2007 Los Angeles show as a concept, was shown in production guise at the 2011 Detroit Auto show. The Veloster is thought to be the Tiburon’s replacement, but is significantly different than the outgoing coupe. One long door on the driver side, and a forward-hinged third door with a recessed handle on the passenger side of the vehicle make it stand apart from other hatchbacks in the segment -- or in any segment, for that matter.

Should the Veloster be offered in a four-door version in the U.S.? Or is its 3-door configuration the defining characteristic that makes it unique?

Source: Carsales Network

Do not mistake a hatchback in ANY door configuration with a sedan. The Veloster will never be sedan! I kinda like the idea off offering the Veloster in both a 3-dr AND 5-dr (counting hatch here) in all markets rather than making just about all buyers compromise on the design of one side of their car. Most models come in a few configurations...why not the Veloster too? I think its unique styling appeals to a completely different buyer than the Accent and Elantra, so I don't think Hyundai would be shooting itself in the foot.
I agree with Steve. Two doors only! Why do all the manufacturers no longer offer two door hatchbacks?
There is no point of having small Sedan from Hyundai. They already have 2 small sedans. This should b a 3 dr. The concept of 3 dr is really wonderful. Good for youngsters, small families and office commute, where u dont need all 4 doors and always a nice entry for the 2nd row entry.
This car should be (my opinion) a 2dr hatch only for USA . if you want 4drs get a fricken sedan(elantra) if this car does come with 4dr to the USA they JUST LOST A SALE!
Agreed, Ray, make it this Generation's RX8...
The third door makes no sense on passenger side. 4 doors please.

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