Hot Swede: This is Volvo and Polestar's 420 HP, RWD S60 Race Car

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The quickest Volvo S60 sport sedan used to be the R-Design, which has a tweaked turbocharged I-6 making 325 horsepower. Not anymore: the quickest S60 trophy goes to the S60 TTA, a Polestar race car that will soon join Sweden’s Touring Car Team Association.

The TTA is certainly not street-legal, which means the R-Design can keep its crown, but the racecar will pack quite a punch. Volvo and Polestar say the racing S60 will get a V-6 engine (of indeterminate size) that makes 420 horsepower. Those horses will be sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential manual transmission with paddle shifters.

Also bundled in the S60’s powertrain is a kinetic energy recovery system, although Polestar didn’t say exactly how the system would be employed. We imagine it’ll work like most KERS systems, which provides a push-to-pass function that delivers a brief power boost for overtaking other cars.

Perhaps the best feature of the racing Volvo is its body. The carbon-fiber coachwork may look like the bone-stock S60 from the windowsill up, but the lower aerodynamic kit and gigantic rear wing remind fans that this car means business. The wide wheel arches, along with the graphite gray 18-inch wheels, further lend the S60 TTA an aggressive look.

The S60 TTA will be Volvo’s first foray into the TTA Elite Racing League, an eight-race circuit that will bring the car to tracks all across Sweden. Four S60 TTAs will compete, helmed by Robert Dahlgren, Fredrik Ekblom,Thed Bjork, and a fourth driver that’s yet to be named. Polestar says it’s hard at work testing and building the cars – a good idea, considering that the first race is in May.

At the very least, Volvo and Polestar have signed to race in this series through 2015, which means this shocking blue racer has quite a lot of work ahead of it.

Source: Volvo

That's a bitchin race series, how people stomach nascar is harder to fathom than what happens to all the air into those massive side inlets to stay pressurized while cornering. Polestar has themselves a hit and the Geely folks seem to still have some demand for six cylder engines (maybe and SUV?)...

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