Honda and Acura Plan Shanghai Motor Show Blitz

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Honda and Acura are hoping for a bright future in the Chinese market, and they're hoping to captivate the Shanghai public with a clutch of new production and concept cars, including a people mover, a sedan, and two crossovers.

The big announcement today is the inclusion of two new concepts on Honda/Acura's show stands. As we can see in these teasers, the Honda concept is clearly longer than the Acura, which could foretell a seven-seat concept. The crossover's tall daylight opening comes to a point just in front of the angled D-pillar and trunklid with wraparound taillight and extended deck spoiler, almost like the 2014 Infiniti QX60. The Acura concept has the proportions of a compact crossover, almost like a futuristic CR-V or RDX. It's complete with a trapezoidal daylight opening (reminiscent of the MDX) and LED taillights that extend all the way up the rear hatch.

What exactly do these cars predict? It's hard to say. Chinese-market customers can already order a version of the Odyssey minivan (China gets the Japanese-market one) and RDX/CR-V crossovers, which probably rules them out (although these concepts could preview next-generation versions of any/all of them). We'll just have to wait and see.

Elsewhere on the Honda stand, we're promised a near-production look at the vehicles based on last year's Concept C and Concept S cars. The Concept C previewed a "middle-class sedan," while the Concept S previewed "a new-value mover," perhaps a people mover that slots below the Odyssey in price and/or size. The final production cars will reach Chinese dealers this year. Acura's promising more cars as well: aside from hosting the usual MDX, RDX, ILX, TL, and TSX, the stand at Auto Shanghai 2013 will show off the RLX (a Chinese premiere) as well as the newest NSX concept car.

Auto Shanghai 2013 kicks off on April 20th.

Source: Honda

Pictured are the JDM Honda Odyssey, the 2014 Acura MDX, and the 2012 Concept C and Concept S cars.

Damien Clay
New mdx
Woo Hoo
Acura has become the Pontiac of luxury brand. Tone down on the styling, and cut back on the cheap interior plastic.
Vincent Frillici
..a Volvo XC60 with a new front facia?
Daniel Tsirlin
Underpowered, overpriced, ugly with a bunch of tech stuff that's optional that will be standard on the civic in 5 years?
Mark Roman
Am arm? Another car whose front end looks like a Saturn?
Brian Hochmuth
More ugly cars?

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