GM Reveals Most-Collectible Buicks, Could Include Regal GS

Following the announcement that classic car insurer Hagerty placed the 2012 Buick Regal GS  on its "2012 Hot List," General Motors decided to see how the Regal GS would stack up against other past collectibles from the Buick bloodline if it were to become a collector's car.

GM further worked in collaboration with Hagerty to compile a list of nine proven Buick collectibles, which helps paint a picture of what the future classic Regal could look like among other timeless Buicks  if it does in fact reach proven collectible status. Unlike Hagerty's Hot List qualifications that vehicles had an MSRP under $100,000, this list includes collectible Buicks that are well worth over that amount.

Here are Buick's ten (including the Regal GS) most collectible cars  in no specific order:

2012 Regal GS 1932 Model 90 Sport Phaeton 1937 66C Century convertible coupe 1940 Super Model 59 Woody Estate Wagon 1947 Roadmaster Woody Wagon 1949 Roadmaster Convertible 1953 Skylark 1963 Riviera 1970 GSX Stage 1 Hardtop Coupe 1987 GNX

When putting together its Hot List, Hagerty lauded the 270-hp turbocharged Regal GS  for its three-pedal option (now supplemented with an optional automatic), since many other so-called "performance" models are abandoning manuals.

“The Regal GS is a unique and thrilling vehicle for the Buick brand,” said General Motors North America President Mark Reuss in a release. “As someone who drove a classic Skylark to prom and owned other incredible Buicks like an '87 GNX, I can say it deserves to be viewed among the best Buick has built.”

What do you think? What other tri-shield classics should be on the list that aren't? Have your say in the comments below.

Source: GM



General Joe
Dream on, dream on. Give it power like a CTS-V with braking and handling to match, give it rear wheel or all wheel drive, make a two door coupe available, get rid of the aero-blob styling for something imaginative, and price it below the CTS-V but above the Camaro, and it would have a great chance. As it is? Don't be silly.
But in no way shape or form is this a collectible. It is was AWD, 360-400 HP, was a limited edition model, then it would be a Collectible. Obviously Hagerty is losing his marbles.
LOL...collectable..does this imply that if you buy one, it won't devalue like a rock, or every other GM product? So 40 years from now some old moron on Barett Jackson is going to pay $150,000 because he got laid in this Regal in 2012?
Dave M
Interesting the the '63 Riviera is on the list and not the '65. With its hidden headlamps, it not hard to argue the '65 finally realized what the designers had in mind for the '63/'64 -- but couldn't quite achieve at the time (i.e. reliable motorized headlight shrouds.)
I do like the styling.
Dunbar Dave
Don't forget the 1965 Skylark with GranSport option.
This car should be priced around 31k and Buick should make a Grand National version with acceleration of a Camaro SS for around $37-38..
In my opinion, even though handling is rated high, it lacks acceleration for a car in the price segment. The Infiniti G37 and the new BMW 328 which this car competes with again are quicker.. Even boring Camry v6, Kia optima turbo out accelerate it. A Pontiac G8GT would have kicked this car's butt, and it was priced around $30k..

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