Going for a Rip-Roaring Ride in the 1058-hp Galpin GTR1

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“I don’t think the neighbors are going to be thrilled with us,” Galpin’s Ray Petrossian says as he gets on the gas for a short burst and the Galpin GTR1 belches out a galactic, ear-splitting roar that literally shakes the trees along a normally quiet two-lane road around Pebble Beach. No Ray, they probably aren't, as evidenced by my still ringing eardrums. And oh yeah, that was only at 40 percent throttle.

You may have heard of the GTR1, Galpin’s own unique vision of the Ford GT dialed up well past 11 to 1058 horsepower. This particular car is 1-of-1 at present and is the brainchild of the crew at Galpin Ford in Southern California, led by Galpin’s el presidente Beau Boeckmann. I had a chance to go for a quick ride in GTR1 in the chaos that is Pebble Beach weekend, which didn’t afford much of an opportunity to let the car even come close to within shouting distance of its potential. And sadly, I wasn’t able to actually get behind the wheel (we’ll be stopping by their HQ soon to go for a real drive). But the short jaunt was enough to get an impression of what it’s capable of, and it is capable of A LOT.

Galpin has been spending a lot of time over the past several months since the GTR1’s debut at last year’s Pebble weekend dialing in the car. The most notable change is a switch from a twin-turbocharged setup to a 4.0-liter Whipple supercharger in addition to all manner of other powertrain upgrades that have further boosted the 5.4-liter V-8 to the aforementioned 1058 horsepower and 992 pound-feet of torque, according to Galpin. All that power will reportedly enable the GTR1 to blow past the 60 mph mark in approximately 2.9 seconds.

Petrossian and the Galpin team were recently out at the Willow Springs circuit in the desert north of Los Angeles, where they did some shakedown laps prior to the event to evaluate their latest powertrain and suspension upgrades to the car. He’s happy with how it’s shaping up. Things are looking good on the inside as well. Save for a few prototype niggles that need to be cleaned up, it has more of a race car feel, with lots of brightwork and gauges that tastefully update the Ford GT’s cabin.

At present, Galpin has secured six Ford GTs that they’ll be turning into GTR1s. There are those who would argue that losing those Ford GTs to a conversion isn't a good thing, but they are Galpin's to modify. (Did we mention 1058 horsepower?) If things go well, perhaps there will be more, and if Ford GT owners would like to morph their cars into a GTR1, Galpin will be happy to oblige. But they’re not getting ahead of themselves. There is still a bit more work to be done before they’re satisfied enough to roll out these bad boys with the Blue Oval souls at a cool $1 million a pop. But from the passenger seat at least, things are looking darn good for the future of this coach-built American monster. Just ask those poor neighbors.

Miguelalejandro Gutierrezjauregui
I love is car
Until all 918 Porsche 918 Spyders are spoken for I'd be saying no thanks. Who are these cars made for? Someone who can't afford a Bugatti and can't crack the waiting list at Ferrari and McLaren?
Tray Vasquez
Run from cops
Patrick Warren Warren
This is the next gen ford gt!
Auto Remote Direct
cant beat the original come on now
J.D. Shanks
Looks like a video game car...one that the company didn't license so they had to make it resemble a certain car, but be "off" enough to not get sued.
Douglas Lee
I could see it being the next generation or more of the Camero
M.r. Anand
it's not just a car it's a caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr
Wade McGaghey
Back end is terrible, looks like a 6 year olds Lego build. Rest of the car? Meh... But HP? Woohoo
George Nallathamby
Matin Jdm
Alvin Tkn
Ricky Ricardo
Nicky Trotta
Michael Anderson
This looks like a kit car.
John Hand
Is it just me or does it look like a GT and Jaguar love child?
Kyree S. Williams
Kyree S. Williams
No. The GT looked absolutely beautiful and perfect, and should never be messed with in terms of styling, says this GM fan. In fact, GT's have practically doubled in value over what they were new, and this treatment would probably *lower* that resale value, despite the seven-figure price tag. Honestly, though, I don't think I'd even be bothered if the GT was a car that Ford was still churning out, but that's not so. There is a finite number of GT's out there, and they should be preserved as they are.
Luiz Filipe
The Ford GT looks much better, this looks like a kit car.
Christopher Reed
Sooooo.. They used the old 5.4L because, why? Why not upgrade to the new 5.8L that started with 650 HP to begin with, aaaaand weighs considerably less. And that body! Seriously? I can see that "el presidante" is definitely still stuck in the eighties, as his stint on "PMR" had already hinted. My prediction: they'll be hard pressed to find more than the six people that they already conned out of their cars. I'm also willing to bet that if the prior owners had known that this unholy atrocity was the end game, they'd have backed out of selling their future (hell, current!) collectable! I'm not impressed.. In fact I'm sickened. I hope Ford pulls their dealership out from under them for this.
Dylan Abdulla
Agg almanya ro hhhh
Trevor Mottram
They couldnt come up some better looking windshield wipers? LoL
Jack Geerer
Ford just needs to bring back the GT now...improved post-recession quality control will allow it to succeed this time. Ford absolutely NEEDS to field something greater than the Mustang. However competent and generally badass something like the new GT500 may be, it's still just a entry level muscle car on steroids. The GT also has the advantage of a storied racing history. Not many deserve the title "Ferrari Slayer."
Brian Baker
LaShawn Blanks
Anthony Martin
Looks better tho lol
Viengvilay Xayavongsa
Looks like the Ford GT90 from 1995. lol
Anthony Martin
Viengvilay Xayavongsa
Donald Franklin
Who cares the sucks
Alessandro Stern
Still a more honorable car than a piece of plastic made in China most likely
Ricky Smith
Dustin Russow
Original GT looks so much better. This looks like a kit car knock off.
Fonzo Ro Ma
Matthew G Amack
Ford needs to find a way to make this car for the same price as a Corvette or a Viper!!!!
Dumsani Sithole
Wooow beautified yoh
Tim Galian
Alan Qeredaxi
Haedar Boss ama ke chea?! Ama Ford w amash GT1000
Haedar Boss
ama kae ?
Rene G. Solis
I'm good with the original GT, just fix the suspension to something state of the art and i'll be happy
Alan Qeredaxi
Way way way hatawa gyan hatawa, mama sher wa drust krayawa Haedar Boss Dylan Abdulla Danar Akam
Robert LaFayette
A Viper and Corvette killer? Yeah I would hope so for $1 million but when it comes down to it all its gonna take is a Corvette with a little bit of work done to it to beat this thing and that'll be for less than 1/10 the price.
Chris Story
Matthew G Amack
I hope they build this car a true Corvette and Viper killer!!!!!
Damian B-ois
1200? Wow, what level of R&D are we speaking of? Quality and reliability and assurance? With this level of torque and heat, dare I say zero quality? In a realistic daily scenario I'm almost willing to bet this looks good on paper but the cheapest weakest components will fail... After a few months or even less of race car driving it as intended . probably spend more time in the garage repairs than driving lol. So meh.....Next please.
Everett Fox
Why, why, why???
Ryan Andrew Martin
Ugh. No. Leave the GT alone.
Dominick Ruggiero
1060 is better
Jose Juan Morales
Hell no
Jake Smith
Just looks like a really ugly ford gt. I'll go with stock body and 1200 HP build

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