GM’s Reuss Calls Malibu Wagon an “Interesting Idea”

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At times, it has seemed the only cheerleaders for wagons in the U.S. have been automotive journalists, which have waxed poetic about this breed’s combination of practicality and driving dynamics, unmatched by bulkier and heavier crossovers and SUVs. But it appears wagons may also have some fans in GM’s boardroom, if a quote from General Motors’ Mark Reuss is any indication.

When asked by Automotive News whether or not a wagon version of the new Malibu might be coming, he replied by saying it was an “interesting idea.” GM does have a wagon offering in the Cadillac CTS, but nothing currently in the non-luxury category. Hyundai recently showed its i40 wagon in Europe, which is a variation of the current-generation Sonata currently sold in the U.S., leading many to hope for its eventual offering as a U.S.-market model.

Considering the new Malibu is based on the corporate Epsilon II chassis, which underpins the Opel Insignia and Buick Regal, a Malibu wagon doesn’t seem that far-fetched. A Buick-badged Epsilon wagon has also been seen driving around the Detroit area -- so even if a Chevy version isn’t imminent, Buick may have one soon, and based on that car's success, the Malibu could follow.

Although not a popular trend among the general public, rising fuel prices could have an impact on the probability of more wagon variants, since the lighter weight and more aerodynamic profile of wagons compared lend themselves to better fuel economy, while offering comparable practicality to crossovers and SUVs. Would you want to see Chevy produce a Malibu wagon? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

As an owner of a great BMW328XI Sportwagon - I can say hat if GM offered a reasonably priced and competitive model I would buy American. A Tdi would be the ultimate. When it comes to wagons - What is it that the Euros know that Americans don't ?
there is one and it's called VW Jetta SportWagen.
IIRC, the old Malibu Maxx was a surprise seller for the old GM. No surprise to me. A Malibu Wagon would be a winner because there isn't really anything from a domestic manufacturer in the segment. Malibu is a good looking car, and a wagon version could be a great styling exercise too. I appreciate the security advantage of a wagon over a pickup, the lower cost of operation, and better road manners. It would be nice to have a "TDI" option guys, but I'm not sure if I would go that way over a direct-injection turbo or non-turbo four. Mini Countryman and Nissan Juke are interesting, but more money and less useful. Chevy could have an LTZ version too for the option revenue.
I'll buy that Opel badged as a Chevrolet today!
X 2. I want a 40 MPG turbodiesel wagon! Domestic is even better. I'm waiting...

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