Report: GM Considering Successor to Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon

Don't count out General Motors' small trucks. A new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon will head to the U.S. market eventually, reports


Not long ago, GM decided that production on the midsize truck would end with the current generation in mid-2012. But recent reports suggest that the company has decided to leverage its new small truck platform being built in Thailand later this year, resulting in a new Colorado and Canyon -- if the trucks keep those names -- in the 2014 model year.

Before incentives, the 2011 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon start at $17,855. It's unclear what engines the future trucks will offer in the U.S., but the current Chevy and GMC start with a 185-horsepower 2.9-liter four-cylinder engine. Fuel economy is highest with this engine, mated to the four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission, at 18/25 mpg city/highway. A 242-horsepower 3.7-liter five-cylinder engine is optional and, for those who'd prefer a sporty, small truck there's the 300-horsepower 5.3-liter V-8 engine.

The midsize truck segment in the U.S. has gone stale, with GM and Ford entries undergoing few changes over the last five years. For 2010, the Chevrolet Colorado sold 24,642 units, down from 32,413 units in 2009. Combining Colorado and Canyon numbers for 2010 still would not surpass sales of the Silverado for December alone. Meanwhile, Ford has decided not to replace the Ranger with the new global variant, citing weak sales.

What do you want GM to improve on the next-generation Colorado and Canyon?


I own an 04 zq8 and everyone of these comments is spot on. 1. Truck is overprice. I got a hell of deal when I bought the truck...been looking for a z71 4x4 for two years now and would spend over twice as much with the same milage. Looked and buying new.....laughed my a$$ off and said no way. These are not full sized trucks.....the prices need to be adjusted accordingly. 2. Interior...honestly I dont mind it....never did get what all the whining was about. Its a truck, all the gauges are functional and everthings easy to reach on my extended cab...nuff said. 3. Fit and finish..this is where the truck falls down, if I get just the right cross wind you would swear the windows was cracked a 1/4in going 70mph....its noisy as hell. The factory liner....stinks. The hood always squeaked (until I figued out it was the hood.....finally tighted that damn bolt and got some piece and quiet). 4. The brake system...please for the love of god redesign everything about it. Whoever thought a captured rotor setup that brakes abs sensors when you remove them was a great idea should be taken out back and beaten..badly. Ditto on putting the parking brake cables right...behind..the wheel where all the salt slush and grime can eat through one every 40k miles. Everything about the brake system on these trucks is an all around terrible design...I cant stress this enough. Frankly my biggest gripe is price...I dont haul 6 kids, a tractor trailer or an oil tanker behind my truck. I just want something with 4wd, can tow a bass boat reasonably, and takes care of hauling firewood and yard waste from time to time...which this truck does very well. If it were priced accordingly I could see the small truck segment coming back in a big way.
colorado lover
if you need a 1/2 ton get a 1/2 ton the colorado is a great truck for what it is keep your fingers off the option list and the truck is cheap it is a truck not a cadillac if you want storage put in atoolbox as for improvements how about abasic model noac nops nopb just a basic truck like everybody used to have
Harry Ohe
I recently sold my Colorado 4Dr. Z71 w/ 3.7 engine.....There were issues that were fixable and to be incorporated into a future model: 1. Even w/ the 3.73 rear you could not tow a light trailer (1600 lb) on a flat road in OD. That forced you to use tow mode where the engine rev'd too high, sucked fuel and overheated in the summer. The OD range was geared way, way too tall. Did anyone at GM even bother road this before adding a tow package??? 2) Poored designed and thought out interior space. There is zero storage. My Dodge truck had lots of hide places, none in the Colorado. 3) Gross understeer and sway in low speed turns/curves. 4) Very poor visability thru the rear window due to the rear seat head rests. 5) With the GM installed bed liner it was difficult to access any usable "Tie Downs" to secure a load. 6) The Charcoal/Graphite look seats showed every tiny piece of dirt and dust left nasty white smear markes (The Vinyl seats were a better choice for durability and maintenance). 7) No under hood insulation installed from factory added noise and resulted in paint damage in hight temp. areas of teh country 8) Minor, but I prefer that vaccum clearner noises be heard at home and not from my truck dejavue ther late '70's exhaust note.
GM has a real winner on their hands if they can fix three problems the old Colorado had. 1. Too much money. 2. Crappy engines 3. Lack of factory work options (work racks, flat bed, higher tow/payload capacity) Easy fixes though to be sure. 1. Stop charging full size prices 2. Bring the damned diesel engines in from the rest of the world 3. Create a work line and make them real rugged monsters.
Release an all new midsized truck with a 4 speed auto, 5 speed manual, that gets 1MPG better then the Full Sized version. Millions of these won't sell. Oh & don't forget to overprice this mid-sized truck either. Continue the trend Dodge, GM, & Chevy.
GM needs to do exactly what they have done with each launch over the last 4-5 years. Lauch a midsized truck that leads the segment in quality, power, economy, trim features and looks.

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