GM may unveil 2010 Chevrolet Volt This Summer

2010 Chevrolet Volt

Having seen the PR boon created by the original concept in 2007, reports say GM is fervently working to show a production-ready version of the 2010 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid by September.

The automaker, previously cautious in saying how soon the Volt will come to fruition, now hopes a pre-production prototype can be shown to the masses during its 100th anniversary celebrations.

We've seen Malibu-bodied prototypes of the Volt testing throughout the country, but GM expects to have a production-intent car, complete with finalized styling inside and out, ready to show later this year.; Sources within the Volt program say GM engineers are very close to finalizing a production-ready car.

But while engineers and designers toil over the final details of the hybrid, the marketing team is already moving in overdrive.; Not only is the Volt expected to help kick off GM's centennial celebrations, but it's also scheduled to make an appearance at this October's Paris motor show, alongside a new Aveo, and a replacement for the Cobalt.

The car will also have an appearance in next summer's "Transformers 2," a Michael Bay film involving robots disguised as automobiles.; GM product placement was also prevalent in the first "Transformers" in 2007, which helped spotlight the upcoming 2009 Camaro.

Such a marketing blitz would not only help drum up buzz for the Volt - which GM hopes will be the first plug-in hybrid on the market - but also electrify the automaker's image during their centennial.; Thus far in 2008, GM's seen a number of plants idled, sales drop by nearly 16 percent, and stock hit a 54-year low (at $10.57 a share).

Source: Automotive News

Looks like they have rounded it up a little for aerodynamics. This will be a great feat for GM if they can get it done, the sooner the better. They might also want to think about taking this technology and using it to come at with a car like the Prius only much improved. That would also be a smart marketing decision for them.
Cool...not sure what the picture is on top here, but its not the usual volt pic ive been seeing..i really like the looks of this thing..not that all the other ones r terrible..much better than say a toyota prius..

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