Get Your G8 Now: Pontiac's Death is Near - Again

Joshua Duval

The rumors of Pontiac's death may not have been so greatly exaggerated this time around.

Inside Line reports it has received word from a source within GM that Pontiac will be axed, the victim of the Detroit automaker's "faster, deeper" reorganization plan. It was rumored last week that Pontiac would be killed off, along with GMC, but GM issued a statement vehemently denying those reports, repeating its four-core-brands-plus-Pontiac-as-niche mantra.

Inside Line's source claims that Pontiac hasn't escaped the noose this time, however, because it is the easiest brand for GM to eliminate: most Pontiac dealers have already been consolidated to Buick-GMC-Pontiac, so losing Pontiac would close few dealers. Details on "faster, deeper," including the alleged announcement of Pontiac's death, are supposed to emerge on Monday.

Inside Line called a PR representative for GM, and he was predictably cryptic. "There's nothing I can share with you at this time. Keep your eyes on our media site. Officially, nothing has changed with Pontiac's niche-brand status, until you hear differently." Sounds "officially" negative to us.

Bottom line: hurry up and get those G8s while they're still around. If this is true, they'll likely be available at fire-sale prices.

Source: Inside Line

OK, tell me again why they're keeping Buick while axing Pontiac. Pontiac's been building new, exciting models that appeal to younger buyers who, presumably, would probably buy many more cars in their lifetimes while the average Buick buyers isn't likely to live long enough to buy as many. Buick is admittedly building world-class quality vehicles but the styling doesn't have any appeal for younger buyers. :confused:
Keep the dam brand get ridoff gmc.. :mad: ...
GM kills off Pontiac, but continues GMC whose products mirror Chevrolet model for model. Brilliant move guys.
Sigh... Classic case of GM killing something off just when they finally get it right. Typical GM, sadly.

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