Geneva 2013: Bertone Builds Aston Martin Rapide-Based Shooting Brake

Italian design studio Bertone will introduce the Jet 2+2 at the Geneva Motor Show. Based on the Aston Martin Rapide, the Bertone Jet 2+2 is a dramatic shooting brake that pays tribute to the 60th anniversary of collaborations between Aston Martin and Bertone.

Back in 1953, the companies teamed up to create two small design studies based on the former's DB2/4 chassis. The partnership between the companies was also commemorated in 2004, when Bertone introduced the two-door Jet 2 concept. It was based on the Aston Martin Vanquish.

The Bertone Jet 2+2 retains the 6.0-liter V-12 engine of its Aston Martin Rapide basis -- sadly the 550-hp version from the new Rapide S was unavailable. The car's 2+2 designation refers to the four individual seats inside; the rear seats fold flat to create even more luggage room. The dramatic sheetmetal reprises many of the curves and lines of the normal Rapide sedan, but with an extended roofline that ends in a steeply angled rear windshield and rounded rump. Autocar reports that the Jet 2+2 has more headroom than a standard Rapide, and that unique aluminum, wood, and leather trims were chosen for the car.

The Bertone Jet 2+2 was commissioned by a private collector and reportedly has the full backing of Aston bosses in the U.K. It will be a unique one-off and destined for said collector's personal collection.

Sources: Bertone, Autocar

Carole Oberbeck
In the 1970's a neighbor of mine kept his Aston Martin in my garage for awhile -- I was fortunate enough to drive it around Balcones Country Club once. Also have driven a 1957 Thunderbird and a 1961 Porsche. Not to mention my 68 GTO and my Tiger. FUN.
Andrew Trahan
Chris Smith
Where's mine?
WillaDene Kingery
I'll use my pocket change,and buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Colvin
Looks like a rocket!
Alyssa Turner
Keep trying Chris Amos. :-)
Younnas Alginusa
nice stylish design language,,
Lee Klein
I'm surprised at Bertone; the proportions are all wrong.
Warmet Alete
Wow, this is so gorgeous
Michael Stoops
I'd rock this is a heartbeat. Sadly, my bank account won't let me.
Shannon Carman
The only acceptable "grocery getter"....
Collin Oskahpee
Looks like someone ran over a Mazda 3 wagon with a steamroller.
Scott Nicewarner
It's ok, would rather have a Porsche wagon based on the Panamera
Junaid Qureshi
A shooting brake would be nice for Astons lineup.
Chris Story
IT's a wagon.. Just like a 6-series 4-door is a Sedan!
Bill Flintrop
It isn't a shooting brake because shooting brakes are two doors wagons, but this car really is mind blowingly beautiful.
Elaine Bythebeach
No questions here...mind
Maciej Aleks Cybulski
The absurdly rich who can afford this are too snooty to drive a wagon; they'd prefer a big SUV if they need the extra space... I don't think there's a demographic for this vehicle.
"Geneva 2013: Bertone Builds Aston Market Rapide-Based Shooting Brake" Nice headline - Aston Market indeed:)
ContactMr Angelo
Absolutely stunning!
Landon Body
Beautifully Epic! Now if only it was in the price range of the Avg Joe it would be even better! Not everyone has a bottomless bank account.
El Stig
Who the hell said the Rapide was too ugly n needed to look more like the Panamera. I was under the assumption there couldn't be an ugly Aston Martin, I was wrong.
Carlton Peak
Streamlining is n understatement aero dynamics is definitely gonna be there
David Sivertsen-Neale
Christine's new station wagon, Roger. :)
Davy Secondclasscitizen Beam
gorgeous! am i bad if i wish it were a bit longer between C and D pillars, though?
Mel Andrews
In the 'looks' category it puts the Panamera to shame!
Ross Mazin
how much???
Mike Mlqn
Looks like a Panamera rip-off.
Matthew Klein
This looks like a Hyundai.
Deberra Cassidy
Glade Turner
God I hope not, tis hideous!
Chris Amos
Glade Turner, does Alyssa Turner approve of this?!
Tom Cormie
Shooting Brake - Station Wagon. It's pretty in a lets take the dogs and guns hunting sort of way.
Dave Sullivan
When I saw this yesterday I thought it was a stretched out Fisker Surf.
Angie Ferrannini Nielsen
Mind-numbingly bland. Sigh...
Mitch Jackson

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