Gas Guzzlers could face "Hummer Tax" in Massachusetts

Tom Ludwick

Drivers that register a large gas-guzzling vehicle in the state of Massachusetts could face an additional "Hummer Tax" in the future. The Governor of Massachusetts is backing a new state proposal that would be the first in the Nation.

The proposal would promote the purchase of smaller more fuel efficient vehicles, since owners of those vehicles would pay less. Extra funding provided by the tax could help pay for repair to the state's ailing transportation system.

However, the proposed tax would add to the already difficult task of selling vehicles in the current difficult economic conditions. Tim Lerchenfeldt, general manager of Cadillac Hummer Saab Village, a dealership in Norwwood, argues ""It's a penalty for driving an SUV, which currently is not the popular choice. Or you're being penalized for a lifestyle choice, or maybe the fact that you have a large family and you need that size vehicle to put them in and it just doesn't seem fair."

While democratic Governor Deval Patrick backs the plan, he admits there are some kinks to work out. For example, large families would need to be protected from being unfairly impacted.

The "Hummer Tax" is just one possible source of much needed funding to fix the state's transportation system. Patrick says the system has suffered more than a decade of neglect. The administration estimates that up to 19 billion dollars will be needed over the next 20 years to pay down debt and to maintain and update the system.

Source: Fox News

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