Get It Right: Ford Performs Special Testing on First 2012 Focus Models Off The Line

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Reviews of the new 2012 Ford Focus have so far been positive, ours included, but Ford wants more. Not from us, but from you. To make sure the Focus launch goes perfectly, Ford is giving the first vehicles off the line special testing and evaluation to make sure they’re perfect.

"The pre-shipment drives are a key part of our quality process to ensure we deliver the highest quality to our customers," Ford spokesman Said Deep told Automotive News.


It’s much more than a simple drive, though. Deep said that the company has taken the first batch of cars off the production line out to their Dearborn test track and given each a 30-mile shakedown cruise. Then, the cars were taken back to the plant for a final inspection to make sure they were absolutely flawless before being shipped to dealers.

"We asked, 'Is there a problem?'” said a dealer who attended a recent meeting of the Ford National Dealer Council speaking to Automotive News anonymously. “They said, 'No. But this is such an important launch and with gas prices rising, having this 40-mpg car launched now is perfect timing for us.' They don't want any problems."

Deep wouldn’t say how much the extra testing cost the company and didn’t know how many cars had actually undergone the enhanced test. He did say that the extra testing is done and that Focus’ that are being built now will not undergo the extended test period but will still receive a full inspection at the plant before they’re shipped.

What do you think? Is Ford’s extra testing warranted, or is the company spending unnecessary time and resources on additional testing with the new Focus? Give us your take in the comments.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)

The testing is a good idea. I bought the previous generation focus last July and after 3 weeks the fuel injection system went. Then, at 11 000 km, the bearings went. Ironically, at the local ford dealer, there were signs everywhere comparing Ford quality to Toyota when the car was bought. On the other hand, no new issues have appeard at the 24 000 km mark.
MFT is bobo, from what I'm reading online. Maybe they have (or think they have) ironed out those kinks and are doing some final QA on the track.

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