Ford Launches Fiesta Sport Special Edition in Europe -- Do We Want It?

It’s not the high-performance Fiesta ST that we’ve been hoping for, but Ford has released a special version of the Fiesta hatchback in Europe. The Ford Fiesta Sport Special Edition goes on sale in Europe to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Europe’s Fiesta nameplate.

The Fiesta Sport offers a choice between gasoline and diesel engines. The former is a 1.6-liter inline-four with 132 hp and 118 lb-ft of torque; coupled to a close-ratio manual transmission, it reportedly propels the Fiesta Sport from rest to 62 mph in 8.7 seconds, almost as quick as the Europe-exclusive Fiesta S1600. The 1.6-liter Duratorq diesel engine returns 94 hp and a claimed 57 mpg.

Like the S1600 model, the Fiesta Sport Special Edition also gets a more aggressive body kit, as well as chrome trim for the grille, headlight surrounds, fog light housings, and exhaust tips. The three-door hatchback comes with special Panther Black wheels, measuring 16 inches for diesel models and 17 inches for gasoline-fired versions. Black leather sport seats, gloss-black instrument cluster trim, a leather shift knob, metal pedals, and unique door sill plates dress up the interior. We think the matte-black paint and dark interior treatment look pretty mean.

The upgraded Fiesta is only destined for sale in Europe. While Ford has previously promised higher-performance Fiesta variants for the U.S. market, none have materialized yet. So tell us what you think -- do you want to see a warmed-over hatchback like the Sport Special Edition in U.S. dealerships? Or are you willing to wait for the long-promised, 180-hp Fiesta ST? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Ford

I would buy this if it came out in the USA any day u would even buy it now!
totally agree with ray! we get to fat ass 4dr only then they give us the slow as hell lame version! FORD = DUMBASS
I think you hit the nail on the head as to why Americans will never embrace small cars.
Although I'd prefer the turbo, I would buy this car, if it becomes available here. Currently, there aren't many 2 door sport model hachbacks available and my Acura RSX is getting old.
Phil Macaluso
Maybe if 75% of americans were not overweight then Ford could sell more lightweight 3dr. hatchbacks. But they still prefer to sell tall 4 wheel drive wagons disquised as SUV's to our fat a--es. Fuel efficient cars not so much. Could it be because most of us cant fit in them?
I like 3 door hatchbacks too. I bought a 2001 ZX3 a while ago. Gave it up for something with more power..GTI VR6. That wasn't very quick so now I drive a Z4 3.0si coupe. They could sell 3 doors if they kept the price low and nicely optioned. It would be a good competitor to the Mini and Fiat 500.
The standard Fiesta available in the US is a fun car, at its price level. But for me, the Sport hatch, or other European enhanced versions, would make me a buyer. Ford obviously has the ammunition to compete against the other hot sports hatches. Hopefully, this time, they'll decide to let us have it in the US. Alan Mulally and Bill Ford, are you listening?
I want one! Make sure it is the 3dr hatchback. Ford thinks no one will buy the 3dr, but look at all the Focus ZX3's still on the road (I bought one new and I am still driving it, waiting for the next 3dr hatch) not to mention Mini's, VW's, and even Chevies. Bring us this Car
This is why I hate Ford. The exciting , super-efficeint vehicles are available to Europeans, North America gets the second-rate grocery-getter crap. Same thing over and over for decades. 57mpg Diesel is just too efficient for us? The sports versions of these car are always promised, but they always release the lame version first, then wonder why sales suck, then don't bother to release performance versions, because of poor sales in this segment.

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