Ford, Google Working On Cars That Predict, Adapt To Driving Habits

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Just like the prevention of forest fires, improving your vehicle’s efficiency and fuel economy falls squarely upon you -- the way you drive, when you drive, and where you drive all factor into how much fuel your vehicle drinks. Ford thinks a bit of technology could help, and as a result, the automaker has partnered with Google to use the search engine giant’s Prediction API to the vehicle adapt to your habits.

Although the idea is still in its infancy, the partnership theoretically allows Ford to collect data about your vehicular use, including when you drive, how far you drive, how long you drive, and where you drive. Over time, the cloud-based system can trace habitual patterns, and optimize various systems for the type of drive.

This could easily be applied to navigation (i.e. a system routes the driver on the most fuel-efficient route), but the Ford/Google system could potentially allow the entire vehicle to adapt to a particular drive cycle. One example Ford provided involves a plug-in hybrid -- if a driver faces a long stretch of highway commuting followed by an urban drive cycle, the system could tell the vehicle to run in a matter that preserves battery life/ pure EV operation for the end of the drive cycle.

“The Google Prediction API allows us to utilize information that an individual driver creates over time and make that information actionable,” said Ryan McGee, a technical expert in vehicle controls architecture at Ford. “Once the destination is confirmed, the vehicle would have instant access to a variety of real-time information so it can optimize its performance, even against factors the driver may not be aware of, such as an EV-only zone.”

Although the idea is groundbreaking, Ford isn’t a stranger when it comes to in-car cloud computing. Presently, the company’s Sync multimedia system uses a cloud-based approach primarily for infotainment, allowing users to obtain music information navigation, traffic, and news (i.e. stocks, weather, etc.) data through a data connection. Cloud computing allows for high levels of processing power to be harnessed in the vehicle over a secure high-speed connection, eliminating the need to store all that data within the vehicle.

For the time being, Ford and Google say this idea is still a concept, but both parties are actively working on pushing it into reality. The first step lies with increasing the security of both the data connection and the data storage, given the sensitive nature of the data mined by the system.

What say you -- would you like a car that adjusts to your habits, or is the idea a little too Big Brothery for your comfort?

Source: Ford

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin - One of the Founding Fathers.
I like you. 1 - If we are not important, then why do they take the time and spend the money to track us? Why is someone putting us down saying we are not important? How dehumanizing. I'm hurt. 2 - There is an App, but remember Pandora and many other apps still track you by way of GPS and Cell Tower. Most programs will not work without the "tracking" to function. 3 - For us crazy people who value our privacy and don't want to be chipped. 4 - The least they can do is pay, right? Share the wealth. That isn't what the Corpument is about though. Darn.
May I be sold bold as to say RON PAUL 2012. Sorry. It just seemed to fit the topic. Liberty and freedom for all!
Google in cars is a great idea. We need not only better fuel efficiency and to control our individual habits, but we also need to have proper tracking mechanism instituted. And yes, this is about government regulation vs individual ignorance. Homeland Security and governmental agencies should have access to everyone's habits and daily life. That is how we'll find people who dissent and those who have bad intentions. Tracking terrorism is never a bad thing, and if we have to give up all our privacy and freedoms for the sake of security, so be it. Post-9/11, everyone is suspect and there is no such thing as privacy. Bush instituted the Patriot Act so get over it. It's a new world and you have no choice but to accept it. Eventually this will be in all vehicles, and you who object will be looked at as crazies. Google is the future -- embrace it.
Exactly. Everyone if a freak for not conforming and shunned. They are paranoid and enemies of the state for not trusting/questioning us. Remind you of any oppressive rules that said this in history? Yep. How about they build more vehicles that get 50MPG instead of putting this crap in a vehicle that gets 15MPG to "help you" get 16MPG? Put the research and money into that. Wait, I forgot - we all love paying $4.50 a gallon @ 15MPG.
Muddin muddin muddin, why do we need computers in our trucks? Muddin is all that things for! Computer aint gonna make my truck faster or have more power. Grow some balls, be real men -- MUDDIN! Git er done!
@ reasonable person and Wow "Unless you take the battery out of your phone every time you travel somewhere, you are all ready being tracked." Thank you for proving my point. That is exactly what they want to hear - they do it this way, so who cares if they do it another way? Give an inch, take a foot. Give the foot, take a mile. ETC. When you finally wake up and say no. "We are not turning into a police state, advertising state maybe, but nothing even resembling a police state." Ha! That is a good one. Do you know what a Police State is? The control over social, economic, political life and mobility, freedom of expression. What are they doing? The early steps. They are doing their homework and collecting all the information. They are limiting and restricting in little bits. Why can't I have my "freedom" to not be monitored when I do something? You advocate "don't buy it". What do you do when everything has it and there is no alternative? Ride a bike, use smoke signals and avoid technology? So you WANT me to go into my cave? Really?? This is not about being "afraid" of technology, it is about what the Corpument is doing with the information and controls. I like my car, phone, internet - whatever. Why should we have to allow to be tracked to use them? May I have your ID now for posting a comment? For "Quality Control" is all. Anonymity is not allowed here.
Maybe you should explain to the consumer why he/she wants Google in their car. The "why not/you're a freak if you don't" argument just isn't a good enough reason for most people to pay for the Google hardware/software. I'm curious how this saves resources and money. Last I checked, it costs money to put this stuff in your car. Maybe it creates jobs for the people putting stuff in the cars, but robots make the cars anyways. Contracts is what it's all about. I can't afford useless technology. Gimme something useful. I drive a Honda that gets 35 mpg. Don't need this crap.
Privacy invasion for marketing purposes bleeds out of this story. Give them, the corporations and possibly the government even more info about our habits and they can sell our info to anybody they want, or the gov. will just take it anyway as part of their "terrorism" battle. No thanks. Not in my car. I'll take the large tin foil hat please.
1) I like to think I am important. Maybe that's conceited... : ( 2) My iPhone 4 erases tracking data - there's an app for that! 3) What is a tin foil cap for? Is that from Orwell? Haha, sorry I must be out of the loop. 4) I wish I had a basement. I am currently in an apartment working on graduating from Business School this May. I wish I could say I was less-connected. I'm a tech-buff studying corporate greed with about 20,000 other colleagues (with several sister campuses in China). I'm all for useful technology, and a huge Google fan. This just seems like a waste of money to me. Maybe if Google paid me to divulge private info, I'd think differently.
What is this, paranoid schizophrenic week? What's the problem? Do you really think everyone's watching you? Calm down, you're not that important. When computers can be used to save resources, save money, and do it without you having to do a thing, that's a wonderful outcome. If you're that paranoid, stop using your phone, your car, your refrigerator, and your TV. Those crazy electrons are following you everywhere. They're out to get you! Please!
I am a proud Ford owner, and I wanted to give my two-cents. Most of my friends who have Fords want trucks and the rugged car. I got this new F150 and it rocks. But it had some sorta computer thing in it to make it report gas mileage. Cool I thought, but then it broke. My truck wouldn't run. I had to pay over $1,500 to replace the damn chip so my truck would run!!! Haha! My next Ford will be a truck. No computers for me, thanks. I leave my PC at home lol.
Ok, so I understand the arguments on both sides here, but I am still confused. Why do people need Google in their cars? Like, how does it help use to give Ford and Google all this information. I'm not afraid of technology. It's just...I want a car just to get where I need to go...idk. I don't think that's unreasonable. I guess some of you conspiracy people are gonna say I want a tin foil cap because I just want a regular car. What wackos. If I don't buy into Google cars, I am a tin foil hat wearer? I don't get the connection...
I usually don't get into the whole Big Brother idea, but its getting harder and harder to ignore. All I can say is this would be the first thing id rip out of my car when I'd upgrade it. Shame I'd have to put a brand new car under the knife right out of the box...
@ Matt - You bought into the system huh? Call everyone conspirists? That your strategy? Maybe you should lay off the kool aide. Stop drinking the Flouride/Chlorine water and lay off the pills. Chemicals, high? Corporations and governments don't need your defense. They love little politically correct drones that leave logic at the door. Obey! Obey! Obey! There's nothing to see here Matt, move along.
reasonable person
@Peacepatriot and @Corpument take your foil hats off you paranoid weirdos. Unless you take the battery out of your phone every time you travel somewhere, you are all ready being tracked. Yes I'm sure the Dutch/TomTom example has people worried, but really, how does this affect your daily life in anyway? I'm sure you are so important that they will want to watch your every move like the Truman show. We are not turning into a police state, advertising state maybe, but nothing even resembling a police state. Leave you basement every once and a while and you will see the world is not so scary.
If you don't like their privacy policies, don't buy their cars. I think this could be a useful tool to help cut gas usage; just insist on user privacy and vote Libertarian to ensure government doesn't get involved. Still, don't shun technology just because you're afraid.
I agree. Look up Verichip and XMark. Real companies working to implement government mandated chip implants. They want under your skin. It's happening. Wake up America.
Where can I find a tin foil hat in my size?
An overreach by Google similar to google video and phone. Google is expanding into the wrong markets. They want to contract with local and federal authorities to eventually become a taxpayer supported company that snitches on users. Really? Why do I need this? OnStar is pointless enough. This is another example of businesses looking for profit and expansion rather than responding to consumer and market demand. I don't need Google in my car. It's bad enough that I text and surf the web while driving! Give us something useful, not another privacy grab. Next let's just put cameras in cars and upload a live stream to Facebook. Why not? Who wants privacy?
The Corpument (Corporation+Government in bed together) loves this idea. This way, not only can we track you with your cell phone but with your car too when you forget your phone, turn it off or leave it at home on purpose. We want to know what you do, how you do it and when you do it at all times. Soon, we will put tracking in your ID. Eventually, we will chip all children at birth. Keep believing us when we tell you this is to help you and make your live better and safer. Suckers! --- Seriously, when does the surveillance end? Wake up people. We are turning into a Police State. Cars, phones/gps, "store discount cards", internet tracking, TV viewing. The Corpument knows everything about you. Say no, fight back, speak up!

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