Ford F 150 is no longer the top selling vehicle

2008 Ford F 150

Automotive News reports that, for the first time in almost 17 years, a car outsold the F-150 pickup truck. And as it turns, out, FOUR of them did.

It looks like people are finally starting to wake up to the reality of high gas prices. The F-150 has been the bestselling vehicle on the road in this country since the year of the flood -- and it looks like that ridiculous trend is finally coming to a trend.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the F-150 as a pickup truck, but there's lots wrong with using a full-size pickup truck as daily transportation. Frankly, I used to feel a tinge of guilt driving my 23-mpg Porsche 911 down the Interstate at 80 mph (when I could have been driving the 33-mpg Scirocco)... but then I'd look over at some little 5'1" woman driving an empty CrewCab ExtendedBed MonsterMotor F-150 that was probably getting 12 mpg... and think "why do I feel guilty?"

Last month, not one but four sedans outsold the F-150. Some preliminary sales numbers for May 2008:

Honda Civic; 53,299 units

Toyota Corolla; 52,826 units

Toyota Camry; 51,291 units

Honda Accord;43,728 units

And in other news released by Automotive News, it appears that four-cylinder cars are now suddenly back in vogue. Gee, and it only took gas to triple in price to wake people up.

Sorry if I sound a little harsh here people, but as a society, we're spoiled rotten. For the longest time, it seemed that no one was willing to make any concession for fuel economy -- everyone wanted the biggest, heaviest car with the biggest, thirstiest engine and every single option. For their 3-mile urban stop-and-go commute. That makes no sense.

I'm driving a Honda Civic Si this week -- and after all the big, heavy monsters I've had lately, it's nice to be in something with a shortly geared, close-ratio manual and a visceral four-cylinder that loves to rev. In fact, I suggest you all give small cars another chance--after being coddled with so-called "luxury" (I call it isolation) I think you'll enjoy actually feeling like you're driving again.

And bravo to the people who are finally purchasing cars based on their needs, not on greed. I'll never criticize a family for driving a minivan -- it may be uncool, but it's also a rational decision. But I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that one person traveling without any cargo in an F-150 is just plain wasteful.

I used to think that about SUV's until I moved to Germany for the last 7 years. It gave me a wake up call on how stupid Americans are with there auto choices. I absolutly fell in love with the VW's there and even the Fords the new Euro Focus is 10 times better looking than the one we got stuck with here. To all those people out there your ego really takes a hit when you are driving a big SUV V-8 and you have the paint sucked off your car by a VW Golf on the Autobahn.
I hate to gloat, but I drive a '00 Integra that gets roughly thirty miles to the gallon and I've had it since gas was closer to two dollars a gallon. When I pull into a gas station and see some guy filling his land barge I get a little twinge of self satisfaction. Before this whole thing started I could fill that car on about twenty dollars. Now it takes up to thirty-eight dollars, but I'm still paying way less than the guy with his land barge. Many times, I pull in, fill up, and leave before he's done with his.This is a matter of social responsibility, now. We can no longer drive these monsters. We are getting much to close to where we will not have gas anymore. Or, gas will be so expensive that people won't be able to have cars. Since our national economy is based on most of us needing to drive to work, this is way bad.

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