Ford B-Max Enters Production in Romania, Still Not U.S.-Bound

After delays caused by former factory-owners, the pint-sized Ford B-Max minivan has entered production in Romania, reports WardsAuto.

The Ford B-Max is slated to be the first Ford to be built entirely in Romania. The Craiova factory where it's produced was until now tasked with assembling the Turkish-sourced Transit Connect van for select European markets.

The Fiesta-based Ford B-Max first debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The B-Max is a compact front-drive minivan (MPV, in Euro-speak) powered by Ford's new 1.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost I-3 – an engine which has just been confirmed for the U.S. under the hood of the Focus, and possibly later in the Fiesta.

One thing that won't be making its way to the U.S. is the B-Max. With the American appetite for minivans already thin, and the larger Focus-based, hybrid-only C-Max arriving in the U.S. this fall, a minivan just a foot shorter than the already-small C-Max hardly makes sense.

Ford expects to build 60,000 B-Max vans this year, and 105,000 next year. The Ford B-Max should hit dealers in Europe around the same time as the Ford C-Max hits dealerships here. Should Ford bring the B-Max to North America? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: WardsAuto

No. Ford should not bring the B-Max to the US. But it really should have brought the S-max to the US three years ago. There is a need for true minivan (pass-though seating at front & second row) that is not as big as the behemoths from Honda, Nissan, Chrysler and Toyota. The B-Max is way too small. The C-Max is ok for a hybrid, but too small for a mainstream vehicle. The Grand C-Max (that Ford at first was considering bring to US) seems to be a good fit. The Ford UK website also shows that this can get up to 51.4 mpg. If I am not mistaken, converting from UK mpg to US mpg, that is still 42.8mpg! It gets even higher with the diesel. I think Ford would do very well to sell the Grand C-Max in a non-hybrid version here in the US. The S-Max would be great too. The design is a few years old now, but still looks way better than any other minivan available in the US. Minivans still offer more versatility than all the crossovers & SUVs out there. It just would be nice to have a minivan that is not as big and with better mpg than the majority of vans available in the US.
Brad DaPont
Isn't Ford now building autos for world markets? Didn't Mulally himself say it was coming to North America? Dosen't the Kia microvan sell well ? Isn't the new 3-cylinder engine an award-winner? And who are you to conclude that it won't sell well in the USA? When they do import it here you'll see how wrong you are.
John A
Bring it. With the 1.0 engine, it should get close to 60mpg. I'd definitely buy one as a commuter car for getting back and forth to work. I love the design. Once you get used to sliding rear doors, it's hard to go back. At least build some in Mexico for us.

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