First U.S.-Bound Fiats May Be Built in Europe

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We’ve already touted some of the advantages to a possible Fiat-Chrysler alliance, one of which would be the ability to manufacture a number of Italian models – Fiat 500, for instance – within North America, and for North America. That said, some suggest Fiat’s rebirth in the New World may come courtesy of European factories.

According to an Automotive News report, the first nuova Fiats we’ll see in the U.S. won’t be built here in the U.S, but in Europe. That contrasts sharply not only with the rumored Fiat-Chrysler plans, but also with Fiat’s previous proclamations that should it re-enter the North American market, it would have to build its wares within North America itself. The switch, it seems, is related to timing. Automotive News says shipping cars would allow Fiat to sell both the Fiat 500 and an “entry-level” Alfa Romeo (the MiTo?) by 2010. This would, however, be merely a short-term solution: should the Chrysler deal be ratified, both cars could be manufactured in Chrysler’s facility in Toluca, Mexico. Another interesting tidbit: if the Fiat-Chrysler deal pans out, a new Alfa Romeo 169 sedan could be based on the forthcoming replacements for the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger. Source: Automotive News

Yeah, buy Chrysler, buy American! Support American companies ... oh wait ...

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