First 2012 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Rolls Off Production Line

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Spring officially starts this weekend, and just in time Volkswagen has begun production of its newest drop top. The German automaker announced today that it has officially commenced production of the 2012 Golf Cabriolet.

Volkswagen hasn't offered a cabriolet variant of its popular Golf model since 2003 -- two generations ago. Filling the gap since then has been the slightly upscale Eos and retro-chic New Beetle Convertible, but both were aimed at different target markets, a hole has remained in the VW lineup.

Although largely resembling the two-door Golf, VW took steps to give the Cabriolet its own flavor. A slightly revised front fascia and steeper windshield rake offset the drop top from its hatchback sibling. Unlike the staple appearance of prior cabriolets, VW removed the fixed roll bar and replaced it with units that automatically deploy in the event of a roll over. European customers will have the choice from the same array engine options as the Golf hatchback, all I-4s ranging in displacement from 1.2 to 2.0-liter in both gasoline and diesel.

Rolling off the Onsabruck production line first was a model painted Sunset Red. By the end of the year VW will have invested some $420 million into the plant in preparation for the new model. With an annual capacity of 100,000 units, the Osnabruck facility has the ability to produce Porsche Boxter and Cayman models should demand require it.

VW has no plans to bring the Golf Cabriolet to the U.S., as it will focus its efforts on the 2012 New Beetle Convertible. Do you agree with VW's plan for the Beetle to be its sole soft-top U.S. offering, or do you think it should offer the Golf Cabriolet too? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Duncan D
These three convertibles all appeal to different buyers.  I've owned VWs since I started driving.  Scirocco, GTI 16v and now 99 cabrio.  The EOS doesn't appeal to me.  Eventually I'm going to need a replacement.  Please don't force me to get a convertible Mini for lack of other choices.  Now soft top driver, never going back, incredibly loyal to VW.
The Cabriolet is a more sophisticated, modern looking car than the Beetle Convertible. The target market is quite  different and seems to show again, how VW don't understand the nuances of the North American market. The Beetle may be a good car, but it does have a slightly sinister personality, and it is not made in Germany.  VW could easily sell all the Cabs they wish along with the Beetle convertible. And while I'm complaining - what about the Tiguan Diesel -  or will we have to pay for Audi badging when the Q5 diesel is released here if we want a smaller diesel cross-over?
I wish they would sell cabrios here, my 1997 cabrio still runs but is getting worn. I would love to replace it with a new one.
I am holding on to my 2001 Cabrio because I just can't give her up. I am really angry with VW for not importing the new ones into the states. I saw them on the street when I was in Europe last year and just couldn't believe I wouldn't be able to purchase one. I don't want an EOS, just not the sam experience and I feel the same about the beetle. Come on VW, bring us the new Cabrio or I'll have to go to another make.
B Ryan
I am on my third golf cabrio and it's 17 years old, I desperately would like a new car but I am hanging in there for another golf cabrio, I'm not crazy for the Beetle and I don't care for the EOS. Please!!!
I'd very much like to pick one up in Europe, drive it there for a few weeks and then ship it home to BC
I WANT THIS CAR! I have owned a 1991 cabriolet and now own a 1997 cabrio. Theres something about the styling thats so iconic if its around long enough. It could be the next beetle or gti/golf legacy on its own. ie sales! ps. the eos is boring to look at.
craig johnson
This car needs to be in the US I was just in Germany last week and saw one at the dealer a mile from the Nurnberg airport. Absolutely stunning looks. We also need Touran and Sharon just as bad. We are really getting short-changed on some really beautiful vehicles.
Why is it that we get over priced niche vehicles like the Eos and Beetle but not this? I love my golf TDI and I would buy one of these in a heartbeat for my wife. They should absolutely bring this, and the Polo while they are at it to the US. Not ALL Americans want bloated versions of cars like the Jetta and Passat.
What a beauty of a car! I think the EOS is crappy & over-priced, and I'm too 'mature' for the New Beetle Convertible. VW is making a big mistake not exporting to the largest, most wealthy trading partner they have. For anyone in America looking for a reasonably priced droptop the pickings are slim and none. (Don't even get me started on Chrysler!)
Once again we miss the boat. Why on earth would they not give us this great looking and I am sure excellent performing car, especially with the TDI option as fuel prices rise. Come on VW go for it, it is TIME!
I'd buy one of these VW Golf Cabriolet's in the US if it were here. Not a fan of the EOS or the Beetle convert. Been driving VW softops since 1980. I'd/I'll buy a Golf Convertible if they are for sale in the US. If they're not, will go with another brand. Please, VW, bring in the car and sell it here!
I also STRONGLY disagree with VW's plans to deny this terrific offering to the US market!! BIG MISTAKE!! This car would round out the Golf lineup perfectly. Americans need a well made, sensibly priced, economical, true-four passenger cabrio. VW would be wise to offer this and the BlueSport roadster!!!
lisa sample
I love my 2001 cabrio. I work as an actor and my vw cabrio is often used as a 'picture car'. In fact my car is on camera more than I am, haha. I want a new cabrio and I hope vw will bring them back.
Denise Kelly
I have 2000 cabrio and kept it for 10 years then was forced to trade it in.... I've been waiting for VW to present us with a new model. I even thought about buying a used cabrio but a new one is what I'm in the market for. Come on VW why are you keeping the new cabrio from us??????
Yuck - keep it in Germany. Just imagine how expensive this thing would be once shipped to the U.S. For that money you can buy a beautiful Mustang or Camero V6. No thanks!
Brian Cooke
We do not all live under ice and snow in our wonderful country. This is the convertible that I have been waiting for since I purchased my last VW Cabrio 2001.
I have a 95 Cab and love it. I would gladly update my 95 with a new model if they brought it to the US. I drove a modern Golf in Belgium last week, a fantastic car, add a drop top and I'm there.
it would be awesome if vw shipped the new cabby to the usa. i would buy it!!!!!!
Kathi H
VW is starting to wear on my nerves. I had 2 Cabrios that I loved. I tried to buy a third just after they announced that 2003 would be the last.I could only locate automatic transmissions and I prefer manual. I now have a 2008 EOS which I don't like as much as I loved my Cabrios. When will VW wake up and see the US market they are ignoring? I don't plan on staying loyal to VW after this car.
Jim B
I JUST do not understand VW headquarters thinking. They must be moles secretly in the pay of Peugeot or Lada or GM. NOT making an SUV--like the Tiguan-- available with a diesel (I know 3 people that bailed on VW because of that. Sad fact is that they were so peeved that they bought Subarus and a Toyota, tired of VW being so stupid and not listening to their customers). NOT bringing in the Cabrio. NOT bringing in a Polo for years, and when it does come, it will have a diesel engine that should be in the Golf Wagon as a BlueMotion 1.6L, but way too big and thirsty for a Polo
I have had three cabrios. I am in the process of purchasing my fourth! They are the best value on the market. I cannot stand the EOS, drove one last night too big and obnoxious the way the top is such a production to put down.! And the Beetle is too cheesy to take serious. The cabrio is conservative, yet fun, luxurious yet economical and it has a timeless look. What is the big deal to bring them over on a limited basis? The frenzy it would cause would be worthwhile for VW.
I also strongly disagree with their plan to keep this car for Europe. I know we would buy this car if it will be available in US!!! We don't like the Beetle and not in love with the EOS. BRING the new GOLF CABRIO to USA!!! We will buy it!
I have a '98 cabrio and I absolutely love it! When i saw the concept for the Cabriolet I was immediately excited about my upcoming new car purchase, only to be dissapointed by the news it will not be coming here. I hope VW listens to the consumers and brings it to the States. Bring it! Bring it! Bring It!!!!!
Please bring the new Golf Cabriolet to the US! I desperately need to replace my car but nothing meets my criteria like the Golf Cabriolet. I've wanted one since I was a little girl... make my dreams come true, VW!!
Nestor Repetski
We have 3 VWs and have owned 3 others. We have a 2002 well-used Cabrio that is starting to show it's age and mileage, but we have nothing we like sufficiently to trade it in for: we won't buy an Eos (don't want the hardtop occupying the trunk) nor a Beetle. Bring this car to Canada and I'll write a cheque tomorrow.
Pat Atkinson
Bought the VW Cabrio in 1996. Still have it. Still love it. Still runs great. Still looks great but, I'm starting to worry about the roof. Don't know what I would get if this one dies. Wish they would send U.S. the new model. Would buy one tomorrow.
robert mcgill
Bring it back and I will buy one.
VW, why? I drove an underpowered 1993 Cabriolet until the EOS came out - knowing a new Cabrio would not be any faster. Finally I was able to drive a VR6 with the top down in 2007. Now, there's a chance to drive a Carbiolet with over 200 horses and you're not sending it the the US??? One mistake after another...
Volkswagen of America what are you thinking ? that car needs to be brought to the states. I have a 2002 Cabrio that need to be replace. The EOS is to expensive and stuffy, you guys are CRAZY if you think that it wont sell in the states! PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE bring the CABRIOLET back to the USA!!!
FY Roger
My wife refuses to sell her 2001 Cabrio until VW imports the new one. But it's getting old and EOS or Beatle are not an option for her. VW should try to bring it to NA next spring as a 2013 model. If they lack floor space, why not continue Cayman/ Boxter assembly in Finland? Valmet is doing fine with them.
Not good news! My wife has a 1999 VW Cabrio Karmann Edition and I wanted to get the new Cabriolet for myself. I do hope that the North American market will become good for this new model. Warum nicht Amerika liebe VW?
Linda M
The Good news is that VW is starting the production of a new Golf convertible. The bad news is that for some unfathomable reason, VW is not going to be producing these cars for residents in Canada. We do not all live under ice and snow in our wonderful country. This is the convertible that I have been waiting for since I purchased my last VW Cabrio 2001. Please VW..... reconsider your decision about not producing them for the North American market. It just doesn't make sense from a Canadian consumer's point of view!!!
robert thomas
I am not sure what the marketing department is saying to VW about the Cabrio in the USA, but they are dead wrong. The new Cabrio would sell like hotcakes here in America, well over the Beetle convertible. Add the turbo diesel and tack on more sales. I was looking at the EOS, but the Cabrio may trump that for me.
We have a 1996 Cabrio that has been in our family since new, now with almost 300,000 kms (we are in Canada). It's a fantastic family car that my 18 yr old daughter now loves to drive. Given the mileage, I need to replace it soon, however my wife refuses to do so as she loves it so much. The EOS is too complex (and uninspiring) and the Beetle is not what we want. We need the new Cabrio in Canada!
Bring back the VW cabriolet to the US. I've owned 2 VW cabriolets and 2 VW cabrios. My 2002 cabrio GLS now has 110,000 miles and will probably only last another 5 years. I need the new cabrio available before this one wears out. The EOS is too complicated and expensive. The beetle is cute but impractical for a family car.
Bring it to the USA, and soon! I owned the old Rabbit cabrio and went to a 1996 Cabrio - which has 199,000 miles on it -- still on the first clutch -- and would buy one of these new Cabrios if I could (when my 96 gets old). I don't want the Eos because I don't look the looks or complexity of the roof, I don't want 200HP or the less-than-ideal gas milage that brings, and I can't keep golf clubs in the trunk. I don't want the Beetle bacuse there's almost no trunk, bad gas milage, and it looks goofy. If VWoA doesn't import it to the USA, is there a reasonable way to import this car to the US through other channels? If I can't get one of these new Cabrios, I will likely switch from VW and buy a Saab or some other ragtop.
I have a 1993 cabriolet and people are stopping me all the time to tell me they love it. These cars are crazy popular here. Bringing the new one to the US would be the best decision that VW could make. They hardly even have Summer in Europe in which they can use this car. There are alot of guys who wouldn't touch a Beetle or a Eos, but would buy the Golf Cabriolet in a heartbeat. Please bring it to the US!!
Barbara Z.
YES-please bring it back.... currently an owner of a 1996 Cabrio with 143,000 + miles and still running strong. I still get comments on how great it looks and would purchase another in a heartbeat. The Beetle is nice but the Cabrio has it beat. It would definitely sell in the US market.
Please bring it to the US!!! I owned a 83 rabbit convertible and a 97 cabrio highline. There is a huge market in the US. Please bring it here!!
ken hertel
I bought a cabrio in 1984 when they had european delivery programs and brought it back to usa. They have not offered it since even tho most other euro brands still offer it for americans who want to travel europe and bring their cars back. This model will sell well and VW is concerned that it may kill their beatle cabrio in the us. Hopefully they will chance it and send it here after the beatle succeeds.
Christopher Sneed
As a salesman that sells VW i think it would be a big mistake not to bring the Cabriolet to the states. Even if they did not offern the TDI version, it is a car that would do very well here. I hear from customer all of the time that say that they would love to have it here and would make a great price point car between the Eos and up coming beetle convertable.
William M.
YES! Please offer this car in the US. Volkswagen needs to realize that while the US likes the New Beetle Cabriolet and the EOS they LOVED the Cabrio. The Cabrio is instantly recognizable as the convertible from Volkswagen in US. Unbelievably bad mistake if this car doesn't make it across the pond. I drive an EOS but would much rather have Cabrio. The EOS is somewhat too big.
D Clymer
VW should definitely sell this new Golf Cabriolet in the US market. The original Mk1 Cabriolet was a huge seller here and appealed to a very diverse demographic. It wasn't just a chick car. During the heyday of modified GTIs and Jetta GLIs it also appealed to hardcore motoring enthusiasts. This new Golf Cabriolet could fill that void that has been long missing. I think the facelifted Eos is fine, but the excitement has long worn off from this model. The Golf Cabrio would bring some new excitement to the brand. The Beetle Cabriolet will no doubt be a sales success for VWOA, but the appeal of this car is much more limited.
Frank DeToma
What's VW thinking of? America would love this car. There's nothing like it in the American market - a handsome, sporty fwd compact convertible with an easy-stow soft top and a decent-sized trunk. Keep the price under $28K and it would sell very well.
I STRONGLY disagree with the plan to keep this from the US market. Every coed with wealthy parents used to drive a Cabriolet to college. There are sales waiting for the return of the quintessential "chick-car." (Even though I don't really like that label...)

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