Ferrari's 11,500-hp engine

This is Ferrari’s most powerful engine, churning out 11,500 hp from twenty cylinders of natural gas combustion and producing more than twenty times the power of Ferrari’s newest car, the 562-hp 458 Italia. It is one of two V-20 engines in Ferrari’s trigeneration powerplant, a facility located on the Italian automaker’s Maranello campus that produces electricity, hot water, and chilled water for the property’s energy needs. First fired up on April 26, 2009, the engines each provide 8.6 megawatts of electricity.

The red engine block stands roughly ten feet tall enclosed in a concrete room to dull the constant thrum of 750 rpm. The cylinder bore measures 13.8 inches and each piston travels 15.7 inches in a stroke, giving the engine a total displacement of 770 liters.

Of course, Ferrari didn't actually build the engine. It's supplied by Rolls-Royce.

ferrari for life
ferrari equals power. and that is the end of the discussion
u know i was thinking the same thing about the for the engine, i'm curious regarding its mechanicals, since hot water production, as well as electricity and chilling properties are associated as a by-product of thermoacoustics power plants.
How much power does the red paint add? I'm thinking of doing that mod to my car.

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