February 2011 Strong for Toyota, Nissan, Honda; Midsize Sedans Drive Double-Digit Gains

February 2011 has seen an upswing for Japan's three largest automakers. Toyota, Nissan, and Honda all saw double-digit percentage growth in sales last month.
Toyota - 128,032 units total, up 49 percent
Having had its name cleared of unintended acceleration due to faulty electronics has really helped Toyota rebound. The Camry continued to be the top-selling midsized sedan, moving 27,212 sedans, an increase of 64.4 percent over last February. The Prius hybrid continues to sell well, selling an additional 5571 vehicles from the same time last year to 13,539, an increase of 69.9 percent. Toyota's compact Corolla saw 25,860 sales in February, up from 16,996 in 2011.
The Highlander midsized crossoversaw an uptick of 138.5 percent, to 8622 units, thanks to a facelfited version for the 2011 model year. With the exception of the FJ Cruiser, Venza, and Tacoma (down 16.6, 25.3, and 5.4 percent, respectively) all of Toyota's other trucks, crossovers, and Sienna minivan saw gains in February. The RAV4 almost doubled sales from 6799 to 12, 562 - an increase of 84.8 percent; the Tundra up 28,2 percent to 7012 units, the 4Runner up 26.5 percent to 3760 units, and the Sienna up 118.3 percent to 8806 units.
Scion moved just shy of 4000 cars (3944 to be exact), 1662 of which were the new tC coupe. Overall the brand was up 30.2 percent, with the tC up a whopping 93.3 percent over last year. The xB and xD reported modest sales of 1475 and 807 units, respectively.
Nissan - 83,226 units total, up 32 percent
Nissan had a record February in 2011, increasing the number of units moved in the short month by 20,078 vehicles. Its Rogue crossover posted its best month ever with 11,427, up 86 percent compared to the same time last year. The Sentra sedan also saw a large percentage increase of 62.2 percent to 12,599 units. 67 more people gave homes to Nissan's all-electric Leaf, bringing the grand delivery total for 2011 to 154.
The strong-selling Altima continued on as Nissan's strongest seller,moving 20,808 vehicles in February 2011, 28.5 more than 2010. Families bought 832 all-new Quests, up from 43 last year - an increase of 1834.9 percent. Also all-new this year is the Juke, which saw sales of 2899 of the tiny crossover, and the brand-new-to-market NV commercial van, which was picked by a dozen buyers.
Honda -87,263 units total, up 22 percent
Honda's bread-and-butter, the Accord, the Civic, and the CR-V all continue to be strong sellers this February selling 22,916, 19,121, and 19,096 units, respectively. The Fit subcompact saw gains of 43.6 percent, up to 4200 vehicles sold last month. At 8744 units, the new Odyssey minivan increased sales by 17.3 percent, selling just 520 more models than the Pilot SUV (up 23.3 percent compared to last year).
Possibly relating to the heavy winter storms that hit much of the country over the past few months, Honda saw its light trucks division grow by 31.8 percent, versus its cars only gaining 14,2 percent over last February. Its all-wheel drive Element crossover saw an upswing of 35-percent, or an additional 322 models over last year's 919.
Source: Toyota, Nissan, Honda

I would never purchase or drive a Toyota product. Not even if it was free. The company is as corrupt as they come.
Ron Eves
Well Toyota is at best a lame duck. Lets be honest and direct they have not fooled the media to date and they are building vehicles with defects. Having said this it is up to the market to correct this as the favours and "Swag" that Toyota is advancing is not fair to other manufacturers. One must ask why do other quality manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes Benz not suffer from such recall issues. Ron & Lori Eves (Parents of Deceased Chris Eves)

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