Feature Flicks: Snow Causes Weekend Carnage on West Coast

In these videos Mother Nature teaches some winter weather drivers that no amount of experience or money is a match for slushy or icy snow-covered roads. Check out the video descriptions and then watch the videos below. The first video is shot in Bountiful, Utah – about 12 miles north of Salt Lake City. Heavy rains began the night before with temperatures in the mid-40s (Fahrenheit). By noon, the temperature was at 37 degrees and falling. The rain on the ground turned to ice and the falling rain changed to snow – leaving one very slippery mess. From the video, we can see that a snowy hill with ice lurking below can wreak havoc on nearly any vehicle, regardless of drive wheel configuration. A front-wheel-drive Chevrolet Cavalier and Honda Accord can be seen doing donuts and all-wheel-drive SUVs and four-wheel-drive trucks alike lose control – making for some spectacular vehicle carnage. Amazingly, the rear-drive Ford Crown Victoria looked like it was going to pull out of its slide, but you’ll have to check out the video below to see what happens. Click here for video In the second video a pair of all-wheel-drive supercar owners realize that high-performance tires and low ground clearance makes it difficult to climb a snow-covered hill in Seattle. According to the video description, the Audi R8 had an easier time making it to the top than the Nissan GT-R, but both drivers decided to slowly back down the hill to a plowed and more level street. Might we suggest snow tires? They certainly helped on both our Four Seasons Nissan GT-R and our Four Seasons Audi R8... Click here for video Source: YouTube

We have guys in Canada that drive cars in the snow without proper tires. We call them idiots. I think it's a French word.

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