NEWS: Feature Flicks: Making the Bugatti L'Or Blanc and a Homemade Paper Veyron

May 2, 2012
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"Hand-made" takes on very different meanings for our two Feature Flicks. In the first video, we learn more about the last Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport that was custom fitted with hand-made porcelain accents from the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin, or KPM. The other Feature Flick allows enthusiasts to enjoy the Veyron on a much more manageable scale.
The Bugatti L’or Blanc was inspired by the artists at KPM. Porcelain can shrink up to 16 percent and reacts differently whether cast or put in a mold. On the outside, the EB badge on the rear, wheel badges, and the fuel filler cap get the porcelain treatment. Inside, several panels have been replaced with porcelain. Several interior bits carry the relief of a standing elephant as sculpted by Rembrant Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti’s brother.
Blue and white paint applied to the body is said to represent the serpentines of the Italian Stelvio Pass—the highest paved mountain pass in the Italian Alps. The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc was the last Veyron coupe built and commanded a price of about $2.18 million.

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The second video shows how the 99 percent can enjoy the beauty of the Bugatti Veyron for much less than seven figures. For the price of 44 pieces of copy paper and color printer ink along with scissors and glue, one man builds his own two-and-a-half foot paper replica of the world’s fastest two-seater. Want to build your own? A link is provided at the end of the video for a free pattern.

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