Feature Flicks: Here's Hyundai's Super Bowl Ad Blitz

The Super Bowl kicks off in six days, which means it’s time for automakers to prematurely roll out their multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns for the big game. Hyundai released a total of five Super Bowl ads today on its YouTube page; while we’d like to call it an advertising blitz, the pun might be a bit too obvious.

Four of the five spots are thirty-second commercials. One features the upcoming Veloster Turbo racing a cheetah, another has the new Genesis Coupe and an unconscious boss riding shotgun. Another ad places a Genesis 5.0 R-Spec and a race track, and another has the Elantra – the newly-crowned North American Car of the Year -- taking a boastful victory lap.

But the centerpiece of Hyundai’s ads (let’s call it the Defensive Coordinator) is its one-minute spot called “All for One,” which brings together over 200 actual Hyundai employees, plenty of shots of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, and the theme from the classic boxing movie “Rocky.” That ad will run during the coveted time slot just before kickoff.

At today’s super bowl advertising rates, it looks like Hyundai Motor America put spent a cool $10.5 million on these ads (not including production costs), but HMA President John Krafcik seems to think the investment is worth it: when talking to the Detroit Free Press about the possibilities of Super Bowl advertising and the number of people watching, Krafcik said “it gives me goosebumps.”

Source: Hyundai

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Evan McCausland
I don't see how this current ad pretends the NA Veloster doesn't exist. It seems like the industry standard is to hawk your latest and greatest offerings during the Super Bowl -- and seeing as the turbocharged Veloster just debuted at the Detroit show, this would seem to abide by that practice. Still, I agree about the Turbo -- the current car is certainly better than its competitor from Honda, but still slow enough to dissuade anyone who thinks the Veloster should be a sporty coupe.
It's funny how Hyundai is now pretending they never released the original Veloster, and only focusing on the turbo. I suspect that car was never supposed to just have the Elantra engine, but parts supply issues from Japan meant they went ahead and released anyway. The current Veloster is seriously underpowered, but the Turbo should fix that.

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