NEWS: Feature Flick: Watch Mercedes-Benz Make "A Good Day to Die Hard"

January 25, 2013
Mercedes Benz Unimog Front Three Quarter Camera
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When it comes to action movie franchises, we here at Automobile put Die Hard pretty close to the top. Evidently we weren't alone: the fifth Die Hard installment, A Good Day to Die Hard, will feature a fleet of vehicles furnished by Mercedes-Benz themselves.
It's a bit odd to think of any of the Die Hard films as car-intensive movies: the original Die Hard took place almost exclusively in a high-rise office tower; Die Hard 2: Die Harder was all about planes (with the occasional snowmobile). The chase sequences in Die Hard: With a Vengeance and Live Free or Die Hard didn't feature anything particularly pricey or special.
This time around, the German automaker is going all-out to make sure we enjoy lots of three-pointed stars along with Mr. Willis' wisecracks. The film includes C-Class sedans, G- and GL-Class SUVs, and even a Sprinter van. Lest anyone forget that Daimler also makes large, professional-grade trucks, the filmmakers threw in a handful of Unimogs and even a Zetros. In a particularly cheeky move--perhaps a nod to the movie's product placement--it appears that the film begins with a series of bombs exploding…beneath a fleet of last-generation BMW 7 Series sedans.
Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video below, then get ready: A Good Day to Die Hard crashes into theaters February 14th.
Source: Daimler
Mercedes Benz Sprinter And Dartz Die Hard


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