Feature Flick: VW GTI, Golf R, and Jetta GLI Show Off in Odd Comparisons

June 29, 2012
VW Golf R Vs Rubiks Cube
Volkswagen has released four amusing new commercials to remind customers that though it may sell high-mileage diesel sedans, it also offers cars to those who prefer to drive less economically: the GTI, Golf R, and Jetta GLI.
All four videos feature the same test driver attempting to lap the Jetta GLI, GTI, or Golf R around a short course faster than any of his competitors can complete their tasks. First up is the Golf R against a Rubik's cube specialist who only competes with one hand. Next, a speed guitarist must finish playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" before the Jetta GLI finishes its lap. A beat boxer is matched against a GTI, and then a speed talker attempts to finish reading the Gettysburg Address before a Jetta GLI finishes its lap.
While we won't ruin the endings, we will say that these 'races' are hardly scientific – especially given the fact that all three cars clearly have traction control turned off. Nevertheless, check out the videos for yourself below.
Source: YouTube


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