Feature Flick: Twin-Turbo C6 Corvette Lines Up with Nissan GT-R

As if a stock Nissan GT-R wasn’t monstrous enough, the guys over at Switzer Performance make Godzilla’s blood boil and prepare for battle.

A Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa was the latest casualty to fall at the feet of a Switzer-tuned a Nissan GT-R, but a Twin-Turbo C6 Corvette isn’t intimidated. It wants a piece of a Switzer P600 Nissan GT-R in the video below.

The GT-R eagerly awaits at the start line, while the mean-sounding ‘Vette shows off to the crowd with a burn-out. But Godzilla isn’t scared. It seems as though the C6 launched off the line quicker, but the GT-R quickly catches up, purring as the blow-off valves on the Corvette scream.

The video is a bit shaky, but it’s crystal clear the Switzer-ized GT-R is hot on the heels of the C6, and slides past it with ease.

Were you surprised by the outcome of this race?

Source: YouTube

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What was the hp of the corvette!!!
Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the video – there are more of my Switzer P600 videos on my Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CarandRacer My best time was a 10.9 @ 129 MPH. A similiar setup in Florida ran a 10.7 @ 130 MPH. The P600 is Switzers entry level kit and the power difference is phenominal from stock considering this is a custom E-tune with Ti exhaust and drop in filters. My next kit will be the R1K (approximately 1000 HP at the crank) – SO I guarantee you that the videos will only get better! My car is on stock 20″ rubber and rims. The Vette is on drag radials. That helps to explain the start as my 60 foot is terrible (averaging 1.85+). Although it looks like I had to do some catching up, that is simply the perspective of the camera angle as I beat his car by almost a full second and was in front for 90% of the race. The DA at this track is usually quite bad...A stock GT-R at this track could only manage a 12 flat to 12.2 @118-120 MPH. Even the new 2012 GT-R’s (which run 11.2′s in the magazines) run 11.5′s on average at this track (@121-123 MPH). The MPH of the Switzer P600 tells the true potential of my car which consistently runs between 125-129 MPH. The vette also shows it’s potential in this video with his almost 121 MPH trap. So – Switzer improved my 1/4 mile time by about 1 full second and improved my MPH by over 10 MPH for less than 5k (and that includes a full all Titianium exhaust). That is huge in the racing world! The P800, R900 and R1K are all at a different level as the newest R1KX has ran a 9.01@164 MPH. Cheers and thanks for Watching!

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