Feature Flick: See Custom Bike Builders’ Replica of Tron Light Cycle in Action

Despite not having the ability to leave a trail of deadly light in its wake, this replica of the light cycle from Tron: Legacy is pretty impressive. A team of custom motorcycle builders based in Melbourne, Florida have recreated one of the vehicular stars of the film, and demonstrate their engineering skill and painstaking attention to detail with this functional full-scale model of the Tron light cycle.

Brothers Shanon and Marc Parker of Parker Brothers Custom Choppers took on the task of building a true-to-the-original driving replica of the Tron light cycle, which meant the pair had to somehow come up with a hubless design for the wheels along with a powertrain to drive them. Propulsion comes from a 96-volt electric motor producing roughly 65 hp, which is fed by lithium-ion batteries mounted midship on the bike. Whatever creative work-arounds the brothers employed for the wheels, the look is pulled off nicely as the bike appears pretty close to the one seen on screen.

If you want your own light cycle, it’ll run you a cool $55,000. Parker Brothers Custom Choppers has already received five orders for the hand-built bikes. Performance numbers for the light cycle haven’t been announced, as its creators admit the bike is awkward to ride thanks to its screen-faithful design. Just looking at the Superman-style riding position in the video, we wouldn’t want to be the ones to test the bike’s top speed.

Source: YouTube, Parker Brothers Choppers

Click here for video

Click here for video

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