Feature Flick: RC Peterbilt Pulls Nissan SUV


There’s more than one way to move a Nissan SUV, as this video shows. Somewhere in the world, someone thought it would be cool to see if their radio-controlled Peterbilt truck could tow an actual truck. We have no idea what’s powering this little big rig, but whatever it is has enough might to tug the Nissan a fair distance.

Not only does the mini truck do some work pulling the SUV, but it also carries the operator standing on top of its rear wheels. In case you suspected there’s someone at the wheel of the Nissan to help the pint-sized Peterbilt along, the camera pans left to reveal the driver’s seat completely empty. That’s 100 percent RC truck muscle pulling that load. While this feat is impressive, we have to wonder whether it was inspired by boredom or necessity. Either way, this video makes our RC cars at home look somewhat less adequate.

Source: YouTube

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