Feature Flick: Nissan Juke-R Takes on Silverstone

December 6, 2011
Nissan Juke R Finishing Touches 1
Nissan has neared the end of its crazy Juke-R project, and is putting the final touches on the car, with some "road-car trim" like headliner, carpet, and roll cage. However, the engineering team also wanted to build more than just a go-fast crossover, they wanted it to keep some creature comforts, too.
The team said it wanted “to maintain as much of the standard Juke’s interior styling while also hinting at the extreme and high-performance nature of the Juke-R potential.” The GT-R instrument cluster is housed in the Juke’s motorcycle-inspired binnacle cluster, and the dual-clutch gear shifter out of the GT-R is encircled by the Juke's gear shift surround, and Nissan has managed to keep the center console of the Juke intact after the monster transformation.
To keep the Franken-Juke looking mean, the exterior has been vinyl-wrapped in matte black, to protect the high-performance crossover from rock chips. Check out the video below for the final piece of the Juke-R's transformation.
But does it all work? This unofficial video shows the Juke-R being put through its paces at a (very wet) Silverstone Circuit in Britain. Despite the weather, it seems like the Juke-R’s twin turbos and nearly 500 hp did an admirable job of keeping the windshield clear of precipitation...
Source: Nissan, YouTube


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