Feature Flick: Mugen’s Supercharged CR-Z Hybrid Is Mean And Green

A hybrid performance machine with respectable fuel economy is not commonplace, but Mugen has targeted the Honda CR-Z as its most recent project to prove it can be done.

Mugen had begun buttering us up back in March, announcing the project with plans to have the car’s power output north of the 200-hp mark -- almost double the factory-rated 122-hp figure. Not far from its goal, Mugen later revealed the blower would increase the stock 1.5-liter I-4 engine’s horsepower output from 112 to 184. The figure climbs closer to the 200-hp mark with the combined 13-hp from the electric-assist motor. After all was said and done, the transformed Mugen CR-Z cranks out 197 hp and 181 lb-ft. In stock form, a CR-Z hybrid leaves the factory with a combined 125 hp and 165 lb-ft.
To achieve such numbers, Mugen replaced the stock intake and exhaust piping for improved airflow. In tune with the powertrain upgrades, a carbon fiber hood and lightweight wheels dress up this hyper hybrid while reducing weight to improving fuel economy and performance times.

The Mugen CR-Z will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England this July, but you can sneak a peek at the creation in action by checking out the supercharged CR-Z stretch its legs in the video below.

Mugen claims the prototype car clocked a 0-to-60-mph time around that of the Civic Type R’s 6.6 seconds. Do you think Mugen’s prediction is valid based on what you see in the video below?

Source: Youtube

Click here for video

I have to disagree with STEVE on this one. I think this may be the first hybrid I'm actually interested in. It doesn't look hideous like a Prius and may have some sporting nature to its driving characteristics. The current hybrids are a yawn to drive and to look at and that's my biggest problem with them. If the price is right for this little car, it's exciting to drive and it comes with a factory warranty, I could be on board.
As long as this car has a hybrid engine in it the USA will hate it! HONDA: you need to offer this car with a gas engine only for the USA , and the hybrid also then will see what one sales better.

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